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OXFORD, ENGLAND - Solid State Logic is extremely proud to announce the release of Fusion, an all-analogue stereo outboard processor created for the hybrid studio. Fusion introduces five completely new analogue colouration tools designed to bring the perfect combination of added tonal character, clarity and space to your mix bus or stereo stems with the detail, warmth and finesse that only real analogue circuits can provide.
The SSL sonic legacy is built upon a much-emulated collection of analogue audio processing tools that have featured in generations of studio consoles: pristine mic pre’s, classic Channel EQ & Dynamics, the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor, the Listen Mic Compressor and the revered SSL summing bus. Fusion takes SSL into a new era with the introduction of a suite of new analogue processing tools that offer exceptional tonal character and versatility. Fusion expands the processing palette for hybrid studio owners in an elegant package that is a superb partner for the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor.

Positioning & Personas
For the typical hybrid-studio user, Fusion aims to be one of those key pieces of analogue outboard that sits in the racking of the producer’s desk. Fusion is first and foremost designed to enhance the mix bus chain and is the perfect sidekick to the SSL Bus Compressor. Some users will have Fusion connected as an analogue hardware insert across their audio interface, allowing them to re-purpose it across individual instruments when sounds within the mix need enhancing. Other engineers will strap it across the insert point of their summing mixer. Fusion will also appeal to the seasoned analogue professional, finding its way onto the analogue patchbay of the traditional console-based recording studio.
What problem is Fusion trying to solve? Much like the Bus Compressor, it’s looking to make the mixing process easier (and more fun!) by giving the engineer access to a selection of desirable analogue processors that help craft fuller, bigger and ultimately better sounding-mixes. Fusion offers engineers a way to inject desirable analogue ‘artifacts’, gentle distortions and added character to help give that authentic analogue edge to a mix. This authentic analogue edge can often prove elusive or at least difficult to achieve convincingly mixing entirely in the digital domain. Fusion brings a versatile collection of individually-bypassable analogue circuits together in a single unit.
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