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        As the name implies, Mastering 6000 is all about audio mastering.
        Starting in the 80's, we pioneered the field of digital audio and later we did the same regarding perceived loudness. Since then, we have provided the pro audio and broadcast markets with state-of-the-art tools.
        With Mastering 6000 we have collected all of the tools we know the world's most respected mastering engineers use with System 6000.
        In other words, it has become even easier for you to find the right combination of tools for this legendary platform. We have simply gathered and pre-installed the full package so the system is ready to perform right out of the box.

        Treat Your Master Track
        Mastering 6000 includes the finest stereo and multichannel dynamics tools known to audio: MDX 5.1, MD 5.1, MD3 and MD4. All of these algorithms work with multiple bands of dynamics control, and as a final safety net, you also get the legendary Brickwall 2 Limiter.
        EQ is also essential in mastering, so we have added EQ 5.1 and the amazing MDW Hires EQ by George Massenburg Labs.
        To meet loudness delivery specs for broadcast, you also get the LM6 Loudness Radar Meter, and if you need to deliver in 5.1 surround, UnWrap HD lets you upconvert a stereo signal into a convincing 5.1 surround version.
        Finally, you will get Matrix 88, Varipitch 8 and Tolbox 5.1 for your surround mastering sessions.

        Proven Platform
        The hardware platform of Mastering 6000 has been tested intensively in the most demanding production environments since 1999.
        You will find System 6000 in literally thousands of world-leading mastering, recording, film and post studios all over the world, and in quite a few OB vans and broadcast production studios as well.
        The platform has won no less than three of the prestigious TEC Awards over the years. In 2000 for the original System 6000, in 2005 for Mastering 6000 and in 2010 for System 6000 MKII.

        Routing Magic
        - Internal Routing
        - Flexible Internal Routing
        - Your TC Icon display gives you an astonishingly fast and flexible way to connect your 16 physical I/Os to your 32 Internal Engine I/Os.
        - Visual overview of all I/O connections
        - Run all I/Os simultaneously - at 96 kHz
        - Parallel and Serial Routing of Engine I/Os
        - Output various standards of 5.1 channels with ease
        - Physical inputs feed several Engines simultaneously
        - Mix Engine outputs on Physical outputs
        - Store Routings separately from processing settings

        Multichannel Mastering
        Use multichannel presets as templates for 5.1 limiting, optimization, DVD mastering and film to DVD transfers. Our presets are great starting points for Time Alignment, Bass Management and Downmix functions meeting international standards.
        MD 5.1
        Compressor, Expander and Limiter for multichannel signals in one algorithm. Extensive linking and priority parameters enable you to control your processing with precision.
        Toolbox 5.1
        Support your surround productions with a palette of various Level, Test, Bass Management and Downmix tools.
        MDX 5.1
        High-resolution dynamics processor for multichannel signals. This algorithm gives you a sophisticated approach to dynamic range control.
        EQ 5.1
        Six mono channels of 4-band fully parametric EQ. Use this analog-sounding effect alone or in conjunction with other algorithms.

        Stereo Mastering
        Our three stereo mastering algorithms are the absolute high-end tools for Multiband Compression, EQ, Expanding, Normalizing, and Brickwall Limiting. The result: nothing less than a flawless sound for every end listener.
        Advanced, high-resolution, multiband dynamics algorithm that includes the innovative DXP mode, allowing you to lift up low-level detail individually in each band.
        This high-resolution, multiband dynamics processor has been the industry standard for more than a decade. It will split your audio into individual frequency bands before expanding and compressing.
        Brickwall Limiter 2
        The ultimate True-peak protection of your signal without sacrificing loudness. We've designed this processor to show if a signal is contaminated with 0dBFS+ peaks - and to remove them.
        Matrix 88
        Digital 8-Channel Mixer. Achieve maximum resolution with the intelligent limiter, advanced digital summing mixer, accurate delays and bit pattern transparency.

        Additional Mastering 6000 Tools
        On top of the dedicated Mastering tools, you also get the essential UnWrap HD algorithm for turning stereo into surround and the finest loudness meter on the market - our LM6 Loudness Radar Meter. Plus the pristine MDW EQ by George Massenburg Labs and VariPitch8.
        UnWrap HD
        Our UnWrap HD algorithm is the go to upconverter for film and mastering professionals. The sheer sound quality you achieve during upconversion is unrivalled and can be heard in countless cinema movies and music tracks.
        Complete loudness overview at a glance, including Loudness History, Momentary Loudness, True Peak Level and universal descriptors that can show e.g. Program Loudness, Loudness Range.
        MDW HiRes EQ
        There can be absolutely no doubt that George Massenburg has a great sense of audio, and the MDW® HiRes EQ has been developed strictly to his personal specifications. As the MDW® design complements the TC Electronic EQ alternatives, you simply get the opportunity to choose between several desirable EQ flavors, each with their own specific advantages.
        High-quality pitch change, chorus and double tracking. Quite simply the best, most unobtrusive pitch control device you will ever find.

        Expand With Even More Tools
        Apart from the wealth of included algorithms listed above, you can add even more worldclass audio tools.
        No matter what your main area of production is, you might find optional tools that will fit into your workflow.

        We've even included the remote as software so you can also run it on your Mac or PC (TC Icon hardware remote not included).

        Optional Hardware
        Your System 6000 MKII always includes a Mainframe with 8 channels AES/EBU I/O, the TC Icon Remote as hardware as well as software for Mac and PC. But we want to you to know that you have even more options:

        ADA24/96: Two-Channel Analog Reference Quality I/O Module
        Up to three of these ADA2496 cards can be fitted into one Mainframe, giving a total of six analog reference quality I/Os.

        Additional 8 AES/EBU I/O Channels Card
        System 6000 MKII is born with 8 channels of AES/EBU and one additional AES/EBU-8 card can be inserted into the Mainframe. The I/O connector is a 25-pin D Sub type and we've provided a D-Sub to XLR connector snake with the card.

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