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Big Band Drumming
A Comprehensive Guide For Drummers
"Big Band Drumming - A Comprehensive Guide For Drummers is a master work and one of the best drumset books available, offering fine examples and intelligible explanations.You have succeeded in summarizing your experience in a concise and easy-to-understand method book approachable for all types of students and pros. Congratulations!Your book deserves to be found in each and every drummer's and drum school's library!Dear Walter, thank you so much for having written this book."(Bruno (bim bim) Castellucci - Peter Herbolzheimer Big Band)"Upon reading Walter Grassmann's new book, I could only think: "This is the book I wish I had written." It is the ultimate collection and teaching tool regarding big band fills and set-ups. I recommend it to all instructors and students of the art of playing ensemble music." (Peter Erskine - drummer and author of Essential Drum Fills)
Nombre de pages :116
Marken Referenznummer:ADV13020
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