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        PIONEER DJ XDJ-700
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        pioneer dj
        Pioneer DJ is launching its most compact, portable and flexible digital
        player yet: the slimline XDJ-700 rekordbox™-ready player with a touch screen, Pro DJ Link
        and many performance features inherited from its bigger brother, the XDJ-1000.

        The XDJ-700 offers DJs and venues unparalleled set-up possibilities. Its compact size and
        removable stand means it's perfect for even the smallest booth or home set-up. It’s the first
        player at this price to feature Pro DJ Link – so DJs can share one source with up to four
        players or laptops. Tracks can be loaded via USB or Wi-Fi to give DJs even more choice.

        The XDJ-700 is packed with features from the XDJ-1000, including Hot Cues, Auto Loops,
        Slip Mode and Beat Sync. The large, full-colour LCD screen gives DJs intuitive access to all
        the player’s features and faster browsing through a QWERTY keyboard word search. DJs can
        prepare their sets in rekordbox (Mac/PC) or the rekordbox app (iOS/Android) and the screen
        will display crucial information including wave display, Beat Countdown, Phase Meter and Key
        Analysis Indicator.


        Large full-colour LCD touch screen and fast track selection

        A 7-inch, full-colour touch screen gives DJs intuitive control of the player’s features, while
        the three windows – browse, play and perform – stop the screen getting overcrowded.
        Browsing is effortless; DJs can choose to scroll using the rotary dial or call up the
        QWERTY keyboard to do a keyword search.

        Pro-DJ features inherited from top-flight players

        The XDJ-700 boasts all the same features of the XDJ-1000, many of which are inherited
        from the flagship CDJ-2000NXS.

        • Auto loops and Hot Cues: instantly triggers loops and cues DJs have set in
        • Quantize: snaps loops and cues to the beat grid.
        • Beat Sync: matches the BPM of connected players to the beat of the master deck.
        • Slip Mode: silently continues track playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and
        brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the performance.

        rekordbox-ready to give access to more features and enhanced track information

        DJs can analyse their tracks in rekordbox and the XDJ-700’s large touch screen will

        • Wave display with Wave Zoom: zoom x5 for precision loops and cues.
        • Beat Countdown: mark key points on a track and player will count down from up to
        64 bars away.
        • Phase Meter: shows the position of the beat in the bar so DJs can compare the
        phase of each player with the master deck at a glance.
        • Key Analysis Indicator: a traffic light system shows which rekordbox tracks are in a
        compatible musical key with the master deck.
        • Active Loop: DJs can set an Active Loop at the end of tracks to ensure they’re never
        caught unprepared again.

        Pro DJ Link for enhanced flexibility and scope

        Pro DJ Link means that DJs can connect up to four players or laptops via a LAN cable
        and share one source between them. rekordbox information can be shared across all four
        pieces of hardware, including the Beat Count, Phase Meter, Beat Sync and Key Analysis.

        Load and browse music using Wi-Fi or USB connection

        In addition to USB keys, DJs can load rekordbox-ready music from PCs, laptops and
        smartphones using a USB or Wi-Fii connection. They simply connect a device running
        rekordbox (PC/Mac) or the rekordbox app (iOS/Android) to the XDJ-700 and then browse
        and load tracks from the device’s screen. Devices connected via USB will even be
        charged during performance.

        Compact design and removable stand

        Pioneer DJ’s slimmest player yet, the XDJ-700 has been designed with the small booth or
        home set-up in mind. The unit measures just 238 x 308 x 106 mm (W x D x H). Plus the
        stand can easily be removed, reducing the height to 79 mm – helping it to fit into even
        smaller spaces.

        Other features

        • USB-HID control of rekordbox dj
        • Fully MIDI compatible
        • My Settings instantly loads DJs’ preferred rekordbox settings


        - Playable media : iPhone/iPod touch, Android phone,USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD),
        Computers (Mac/Windows PC)

        - Playable file : MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
        (rekordbox™ for iPhone: MP3 and AAC only)

        - USB storage support file systems : FAT, FAT32, HFS+

        - Frequency response : 4 Hz ~ 20 kHz

        - S/N ratio 115 dB or more

        - Total harmonic distortion 0.003% or less

        - USB ports USB A port x 1, USB B port x 1

        - Audio output ports AUDIO OUT (RCA) x 1

        - Other ports LAN (100Base-TX) x 1

        - Audio output voltage 2.0 Vrms (1 kHz)

        - AC adapter AC 100V 50/60 Hz, DC 12V

        - Max external dimension
        (W x D x H)
        238 x 307.8 x 106.3 mm (with stand)
        238 x 307.8 x 78.8 mm (without stand)

        - Weight 2.0 kg (with stand),1.7 kg (without stand)

        Compatible OS :

        Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 Pro / Windows 8.1 Pro (32/64bit, the latest service pack)Windows® 7 Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate
        (32/64bit, the latest service pack)
        - Intel® Processer Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher
        - 4GB or more of RAM

        Mac OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 (Updated to the latest version)
        - Intel® Processer Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher
        - 4 GB or more of RAM

        Hard Drive : 250MB or more of free space (not including space for storing
        music files, etc.)

        Sound : Audio output to speakers, headphones, etc. (internal or external audio device)

        USB port : A USB port is used to connect a controller or a mixer, and export track files to a USB storage device such as a flash drive and a hard disk drive.

        Playable music file : MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC

        Internet connection : An internet connection is needed to create a rekordbox
        user account and to download and activate the software

        Display resolution : 1280 × 768 or greater

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