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Edited by Barry Rose. An excellent compilation of twenty-four anthems for Mixed Voice Choirs featuring texts taken from the Psalms, featuring new works and performing editions published for the first time. The anthology spans four centuries and includes material by many of the greatest composers of English choral music, including William Harris, Herbert Howells, Samuel Sebastian Wesley and Bernard Rose.


Behold, O God Our Defender [Howells, Herbert]
Cast Me Not Away From Thy Presence [Wesley, Samuel Sebastian]
Enter Not Into Judgement [Attwood, Thomas]
God Is Gone Up With A Merry Noise [Hutchings, Arthur]
I Am Thine, O Save Me [Wesley, Samuel Sebastian]
I Love The Lord [Harvey, Jonathan]
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes [Rose, Barry]
Jubilate (O Be Joyful In The Lord) [Ives, Grayston]
Let My Prayer [Harris, Sir William Henry]
Lord, I Call Upon Thee [Bairstow, Edward]
Lord, I Have Loved The Habitation Of Thy House [Rose, Bernard]
Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Refuge [Bairstow, Edward]
O Be Joyful In The Lord [Kelly, Bryan]
O Hearken Thou [Elgar, Edward]
O Lord Our Governor [Rose, Barry]
O Praise God In His Holiness [Rose, Bernard]
O Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem [Blow, John]
O Sing Unto The Lord [Hinde, Richard]
Praise The Lord, My Soul [Wesley, Samuel Sebastian]
Sing We Merrily Unto God Our Strength [Campbell, Sidney]
The Eyes Of All Wait Upon Thee, O Lord [Gibbons, Orlando]
The Lord Is My Shepeherd [Berkeley, Lennox]
The Lord Is My Shepherd [Stanford, Charles Villiers]
Turn Thee Again, O Lord [Attwood, Thomas]
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