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Brian Wilson’s Smile is nothing short of extraordinary. A fabulous album of tracks which listens much like a songwriting masterclass.

Originally this was a project started in the 1960’s, but was put on hold due to Wilson’s increasing instability. The album was considered the lost masterpiece of the Beach Boys until it was finally completed and released in 2004. The fabulous compositions are rich with the Beach Boys sound but there are seemingly even more layers and complex harmonies as Wilson experiments with the new technologies available to him. The album contains 17 tracks including the Grammy-winning song Mrs. O'Leary's Cow and the highly acclaimed Heroes and Villains, all arranged for piano, voice and guitar.


Child Is The Father Of Man
Heroes And Villains
I'm In Great Shape/ I Wanna Be Around/ Workshop
In Blue Hawaii
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
Old Master Painter/ You Are My Sunshine
On A Holiday
Our Prayer/ Gee
Roll Plymouth Rock
Song For Children
Surf's Up
Wind Chimes

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