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The basics of music composition at your fingertips
Harmony and counterpoint for hundreds of years have been the basics of music composition. Jazz, rock and entertainment music are also based on these principles.
Even modern electronic music styles often use the basic schemes of harmony. With this software, you will be able to create solid and rich harmonic and melodic structures that will give a new dimension to your music compositions.
Applied to a choir, this software will help you to harmonize a melody interactively and to create the melodic lines for each part. You will be able to produce custom arrangements of your songs. You will be surprised at the easyness with which you will produce nice sounding arrangements.

Starting from your melody (or importing a melody from a MIDI file for instance), the software will propose note by note, or groups of notes at a time, the possible combinations for the other voices. At any time, you select the combination that best fits your inspiration, by listening to it. Using this method, you will easily create a final arrangement that respects the rules of harmony and that corresponds to your musical inspiration.
Select the sounds of instruments from a quality sound library, according to the style of the music you want to compose.
Print your composition or export it as a PDF file, a MIDI file, a MusicXML file or directly into an audio WAV file. You can also work your composition further into any software appropriate to your musical style.
Once the harmonic structure is established, create rhythmic variations, for instance to make the bass more percussive or to add motion and interest to the other voices.

The rules of harmony help you to work with fifth chords, sixth chords, sixth and fourth chords, dominant seventh as well as the other types of seventh. The rules of counterpoint can be used for 2, 3 or 4 voices counterpoint.
An ideal companion to a harmony or counterpoint course, this software will help you write exercises in an interactive way. It will also detect the most common errors (parallel fifths and octaves, incomplete chords, dissonant intervals, notes exceeding the range of a voice,...).
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