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W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan produced several of the most popular operas and operettas of all time. Sullivan's music was always memorable and tuneful while Gilbert's libretti had both wit and pathos. This book contains several Gilbert and Sullivan selections for the Tenor singer, including 'Take pair Of Sparkling Eyes' and 'A Wand'ring Minstrel I', and comes with a CD of the Piano accompaniments from the book for those occasions when a pianist cannot be found for practice!


A Maiden Fair To See (Hms Pinafore)
A Wand'ring Minstrel I (The Mikado)
Fair Moon To Thee I Sing (Hms Pinafore)
For Love Alone (The Sorcerer)
Free From His Fetters Grim (The Yeomen Of The Guard)
I Shipped D'ye See (Ruddigore)
I Tenor All Singers Above (Utopia Limited)
Is Life A Boon? (The Yeomen Of The Guard)
It Is Not Love (The Sorcerer)
Oh Gentlemen Listen I Prat (Trial By Jury)
Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast (The Pirates Of Penzance)
Rising Early In The Morning (The Gondoliers)
Spurn Not The Nobly Born (Iolanthe)
Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes (The Gondoliers)
Twenty Yers Ago (Princess Ida)
When First My Old Old Love I Knew (Trial By Jury)
Would You Know The Kind Of Maid (Princess Ida)
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