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27 pieces on the quiet side

Instrument : piano
Nombre de Pages : 56

Did you know that Bruckner wrote for the piano? Or that Liszt wrote some pieces that are not fiendishly difficult? Contemplations is selection of fascinating pieces for intermediate-level pianists. The music is drawn from a wide range of periods and styles, creating intriguing juxtapositions of pieces by well-known and lesser-known composers. Bernstein's tribute to Sondheim rubs shoulders with Erik Satie; Bartók, Benjamin and Bortkiewicz are bedfellows; Mozart and Tchaikovsky are represented alongside their contemporaries Koželuh and Cui. There are some thoroughly accessible new pieces too by contemporary masters.

Piano Moods is an exciting new piano series from Boosey & Hawkes. Each volume is devoted to a particular mood. The pieces chosen draw on Boosey & Hawkes' extensive collection of wonderful music as well as lesser-known gems from the past - some of them from surprising sources - and newly composed works.

Content :
MacMillan: Barncleupédie - Scott: At dawn - L. Kozeluh: Pastorale - Benjamin: A rest by the brooklet - Bartók: Farewell (from Gyermekeknek (For Children)) - Grieg: Gone op. 71 no. 6 - Davies: Piano Piece No. 14 - Mozart: Adagio for glass harmonica K 346 (617a) - Delius: Waltz (no. 2 from Five Piano Pieces) - MacMillan: For Neil - Skrjabin: Prelude op. 16 no. 3 - C. Ph. E. Bach: Cantabile (from Sammlung für Kenner und Liebhaber Wq 55/III) - Quilter: Forest Lullaby (no. 3 from Contry Pieces op. 27) - Bartók: Melody in the mist 25 (from Mikrokosmos IV) - Bortkiewicz: Pensées lyriques op. 11 no. 2 - Cimarosa: Sonate no. 13 - Bruckner: Quiet contemplation on an autumn evening - Davies: Piano Piece No. 17 - Tchaikovsky: October (no. 10 from Les saisons op. 37b) - Rowley: Nocturene no. 1 (from A shepherd did roam the hills) - Prokofieff: Visions fugitives op. 22 no. 4 - Cui: At the cradle op. 39 no. 4 - Schwertsik: Albumleaf - Schumann: Evening song (from Sonata no. 2 op. 118) - Satie: Danse de travers no. 2 (from Pièces froides) - Liszt: Grey clouds - Bernstein: For Stephen Sondheim (from 13 Anniversaries)
Marken Referenznummer:BH11885
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