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The history of bc rich

When Bernardo Mason Rico founded his little workshop for instruments at the end of the second world war in the furthermost corner of Los Angeles, he never imagined his son producing guitars with Hardo's Look. Indeed, the traditional mexican guitars, vihuelos and other requintos developed by his dad address especially to the local mariachi orchestras (mexican musicians). But his son Chavez would not hear of it, is interesetd in ukuleles and later in acoustic guitars bevor he smuggled his Strat and Les Paul, on which he worked in his free time, in the shop. From there to his own electric guitars it's only a litte step which he tackled 1968. He exiled his father to the cola machine and renovated the corporate image. This step really took place in 1969 as he presented ten basses - inspirated direct by the Gibson EB-3 - and some electric guitars, Les Paul style. Three years later, the first original model is created: the Seagull, which have a constant neck and that's a real revolution! The enterprise grew very fast and presented in 1976 the famous Mockingbird, a sort of natural declination of the Seagull, which maked up the image of rock of this brand. It followed a lot of other sucesses in the heavy metal domaine: Warlock (Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue made this bass-model famous), Ironbird (played by Tony Lommi from Black Sabbath) and other NJs. The production resettled to Asia end enabled the creative businessman to develop more this production. Even today, the brand differs from others by his incredible look and his unbeatable price/performance ratio, to the delight of the metal generations.