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The TX210 is a two-way 150-watt speaker that belongs to the all-new, second-generation TX Series. With a more modern and robust design, it takes the great technical specifics of this series and its incredible value for money.

A team that wins, but renovated!
While it almost fully incorporates the concept of TX, the new TX2 series offers a full range of four models with speakers of 8, 10, 12, and 15 ". And, of course, it retains the compact design that made the success of the TX, with nevertheless a more elegant style thanks, in particular, to a protective grille that covers the entire facade to better protect the two speakers. The TX210, the second largest in the range, features a 10 "main speaker, and a titanium 1" high frequency diffuser.

Better performance in power and dispersion.
The second-generation speaker has been substantially redesigned to provide better sound dispersion, which now displays 90 ° H x 60 ° V, compared to 90 ° H x 45 ° H on older models. The power is also slightly higher, with a total of 150 watts continuous, and 300 watts peak for a maximum SPL of 116 dB. The excellent frequency response of the TXs, however, is maintained, with a curve that extends from 75 Hz to 20 000 Hz. An equally great care has been taken in frequency sharing, thanks to precise equalization, offering a crossover threshold at 2500 Hz for a higher clarity of the midrange.

A solid shell, adaptable to all situations.
Question manufacturing, the TX210 retains the compact spirit of the family, with a small volume of 46 x 29 x 28 cm, and a particularly pleasant weight of only 7.6 kg! The material of the box remains the injection-molded polypropylene which ensures a solid proofness of the structure while enhancing the harmonic properties of the diffusers. Finally, its trapezoidal shape allows it to be used in a classic way (it also has a standard base adaptable to any type of stand), but also in return mode. Anyway, whatever the case, its large handle makes it extremely easy to carry.

Reliable and universal connections.
The TX210s have a balanced XLR microphone or line type input, with volume control. This is completed by an output intended for chaining, also in XLR format. An analog limiter and a circuit breaker also make it possible to perfectly monitor the levels and prevent damage to the speakers, even in the most intensive circumstances ... Boxes cut for the road!

With the TX2s, Alto Professional has offered a true makeover to its entry-level speaker series.

Inspired by the Truesonic series, the TX2 Series offers high acoustic performance and stylish styling for truly aggressive price positioning. Pavilion's new design broadcasts frequencies at a wider dispersion angle than the previous series, providing better audience coverage. Alto Professional has also added a protective grille that guarantees robustness and reliability over time, and which in addition gives this series a look in the era of time. The TX2 series is certainly a solid and affordable solution for sounding small and medium sized events.

Available in 8-, 10-, 12- or 15-inch versions, the Alto Professional TX2s feature a series of PA speakers that combine performance and reliability to discover the world of sound without sacrificing your bank account.

- Tweeter 1 "Titanium
- 10 "low frequency speaker
- Class D 150W RMS Bi-amplification (300W peak)
- Dispersion: 90 ° H x 60 ° V
- Frequency response: 75 Hz - 20 kHz (± 3dB)
- Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz
- Maximum SPL at 1m: 116 dB
- Line XLR / MIC input
- Sorlie Link XLR
- Molded plastic trapezoidal casing with steel protection grid
- 36mm base, 1 carrying handle
- Weight and dimensions: 7.6 kg, 462 x 287 x 277 mm

Category: sound system
Type: active speaker
Amplified: yes
Power: 150
Peak power: 300
Diameter hp: 10 "
Tweeter: 1 "
SPL max: 116.00
Frequency response: 75 Hz - 20 kHz
Dispersion (H x V): 90 ° x 60 °
Cutoff frequency: 2.5 kHz
Mixer: no
Inputs: XLR

Outputs: XLR
Controls: power switch, limiter, volume
Bluetooth: no
Mounting: on base 35 mm
Base width: 35
Pregnant structure: polypropylene
Cutaway: yes
Finish: black
Transportation: 1 handle
Quantity: 1
Dimensions (mm): 462 x 287 x 277
Weight (kg): 7.60
Brand reference number:SLT TX210
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