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Dedicated to both near-field and medium-field applications, this dual monitor enclosure meets the needs of the most demanding sound engineers. And the strengths of Trio11 Be are not lacking: extreme neutrality, accuracy of the stereophonic image, ability to reproduce the smallest sound microdetails. At the same time, the class G amplification used on the midrange and the subwoofer makes it possible to reach very high SPL levels, essential for working on modern music.

Key points

• FOCUS (or "FOCUS Mode") remotely controllable switch: can be switched from 3-way monitor to 2-way monitor via foot controller (not included) for quick and easy control of mix transfer quality on systems compact.
• Inverted dome tweeter in pure Beryllium: very low directivity, linearity, dynamics.
• Composite sandwich membrane "W" on woofer and subwoofer: sound neutrality, no distortion.
• Adjustable medium-high pitch plate: horizontal or vertical positioning.
• Bass, low mid and treble settings on the back: optimal sound integration.
• High level SPL (118 dB @ 1 m). • Optimization of the decoupling of the mid-range speaker thanks to silent blocks.
• Extremely low distortion and noise.


• Frequency response:
- 3-way mode 30 Hz - 40 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
- 2-way mode (Focus) 90 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
• Maximum SPL level:
- 3-way mode 118 dB (peak @ 1 m)
- 2-way mode (Focus) 105 dB (peak @ 1 m)

Electronic section

• Inputs Type / Impedance Sensitivity Connectors
Electronic Balanced / 10 KOhms XLR Adaptable, +4 dBu or -10 dBv
• Serious: 300 W, class G
• Medium: 150 W, class G
• Acute: 100 W, class AB
• Power supply
- Mains voltage: 230 V (fuse T 1.6 A) - 115 V (fuse T 3.5 A)
- Connection: IEC detachable power cord
• Visualizations and controls:
- Back side:
* Input sensitivity selector (+4 dBu / -10 dBV)
* Severe shelving (+/- 3dB from 35 to 250 Hz)
* Acute Shelving (+/- 3 dB from 4.5 to 40 kHz)
* EQ low-mid frequencies (+/- 3 dB at 160 Hz, Q factor = 1)
* FOCUS input / FOCUS output
• Auto standby Auto standby detachable on the back of the speaker: switch enable / disable
• Indicator light Power on Focus, clipping and safety by LED on the front panel


• 10W96701D Subwoofer 25 cm Focal Speaker with "W" Composite Sandwich Membrane
• Medium 5W04701 Focal 13 cm speaker with composite sandwich membrane "W"
• Tweeter TB872 25mm Focal Tweeter with Pure Beryllium Inverted Dome


• Construction 21 mm and 30 mm panels with internal reinforcements
• Finish Natural Plated Cheeks Dark Red Ash Loupe, Black Body
• Dimensions with 4 rubber studs (HxWxD): 635 x 345 x 450 mm
• Weight 37,3 kg
Brand reference number:TRIO 11 BE
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