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pioneer dj DDJ-FLX6

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Push Your Limits: Meet the DDJ-FLX64-channel DJ controller for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro with all new functions. Easily mix styles, create exclusive drops, scratch, and more


To use the DDJ-FLX6 with rekordbox, download the latest version of the software. To use the unit with Serato DJ Pro, download the latest version of the software and use the supplied vouchers for the FX Pack and Pitch 'n Time DJ Expansion Pack to access these functions..

4-channel digital DJ controller compatible with serato DJ and Rekordbox DDJ-FLX6

Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro compatible
This four-function controller has many new functions, allowing you to easily heat up your audience, mix different styles of music, and spice up your sets with professional-grade scratch effects. This controller is a hardware unlock device for rekordbox, allows access to the DJ performance functions of Serato DJ Pro. Therefore, you can use the software application of your choice on your laptop for free, just plug in the controller and start mixing.

Mix with your favorite streaming platform
With the help of streaming services, DJs have more music than ever before and are constantly discovering genres they haven't yet explored.. However, while it's natural for DJs to want to play their favorite sounds in a music ensemble, it can be a bit scary to switch between styles of music.. DDJ-FLX6 gives DJs the creative freedom to play whatever tracks they want in any order they want, without having to mix different sounds and BPM ranges.

New Features: Merge FX
Switching between different genres of music is a great way to keep listeners from getting burned out.. With DDJ-FLX6, you can switch from hip-hop to house, rock to EDM, or seamlessly switch between other styles you want to play. With the new Merge FX feature, you have no limits. With just one button you can perform intense climbs and gradually evolve them. Then when the time is right, click the button to create a dazzling drop with optional powerful sample. You can do all of these operations at any time in the song - you don't need to know when a chorus or interrupt will occur - and you can then press play on another track to start the next song.. A completely different style, with a completely different BPM, and it's often difficult to tie it to your collection.

Surprising functions
DDJ-FLX6 is designed to let you mix intuitively. The large jog indicates the playing position of the track, so you can manipulate the music intuitively. When you use jog with new controller functions you can really add interest to your scene. For example, when using all the new "Slow Cutter" features, you can mix like a professional DJ and just rotate the slow player back and forth.. You don't have to know how to strum or even touch the crossfader. With rekordbox's new Sample Scratch function, you can get the sound assigned to the sampler and load it onto the track. You can scratch the samples and even use them with Jog Cutter.

All-new Merge FX: Dynamically switch between songs with a single action
By easily mixing different styles of music with all the new features, you will amaze your audience. Regardless of the BPM or pitch of the next song, you can still create a great transition. Simply press the turntable to activate the effect, then increase or decrease the speed of the music as needed to rotate it faster or slower. Depending on the effect mode you choose, for example, when the snare samples are played at smaller intervals, the pitch of the song may start to increase until you decide to send the next song.. If you press the button again, the effect ends.. Also, if you select one in the settings, another sample will be triggered to end the song, then you just need to press play on another track to move on to the next song or music style.

Jog Cutter: an almost professional scratching effect can be produced with just one hand
Activate the jog cuter, and when you rotate the jog, a professional scratch effect will be applied to the last hot cue or the last play position you used on the track. There are 10 different scratch styles, you just need to move the playhead position displayed on the acceleration screen to indicate the switching angle between them, which corresponds to the type of scratch you want to use. When you remove your hand, the track will continue to play normally from the Hot Cue position.

Big jog, with playback position display: intuitive mixing
The DDJ-FLX6 very naturally completes the scratch and pitch adjustment operations, the size of these operations is the same as the size of the reference CDJ-3000 multi-format player.. There is a display in the center of each jog button, so you can easily watch the position.

Sample scratch: express your creativity with your favorite sounds
Sample Scratch is a brand new pad mode from rekordbox that lets you select the sounds assigned to the sampler and load them into the track. So when you want to create a live mix of a song or just add texture to the music, you can grab your favorite sound.. If you're using Serato DJ Pro, you can use Scratch Bank to start the sample using the Performance Pads.

Plug-and-play compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro: Mix freely
With a built-in sound card and support for DJ performance functions in rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, simply connect the DDJ-FLX6 via a USB cable to a laptop computer equipped with one of these software and you can start recording. mixer. You don't need to have a paid subscription for either of these software. The DJ controller also comes with license keys for the FX Pack and Pitch 'n Time DJ Expansion Pack for Serato DJ Pro, so you can express your creativity with advanced features no matter what application you choose. .

New aesthetic design: the first to use this new device
The control layout of the DDJ-FLX6 is similar to the standard CDJ + DJM club setup, so you will be able to use the controller very intuitively.. However, the device offers a new look with a dark gray matte finish and a redesigned runner to help you showcase your gear anytime, anywhere.

- Software: Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro
- Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
- S / N ratio 104 dB
- Total Harmonic Distortion 0.004%
- Entry / Exit Ports
- Inputs: MIC x 1 (6.3 mm TS jack)
- Outputs: MASTER x 1 (RCA x 1)
BOOTH x 1 (RCA x 1)
HEADPHONES x 2 (6.3mm stereo jack x 1, 3.5mm stereo mini jack x 1)
USB: USB (Type B) x 1
- DC 5V power supply
- Power consumption 500 mA

- Maximum Dimensions (W ? D ? H) 676.0 x 345.7 x 68.7 mm
- Weight 3.8 kg

Accessories included:
Quick Start Guide
Precautions for use
Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ voucher
Serato FX Pack voucher
USB cable

Brand reference number:DDJ-SR2
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