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When you're struck by inspiration, take a seat behind the brand new FP Roland FP-10 entry-level piano.
This affordable digital piano is always ready to play, provides reassuring sensations with its standard PHA-4 88-key keyboard, and surrounds you with beautiful Roland SuperNATURAL piano sounds through its speakers or headphone output. Thanks to its portable and compact design, the FP-10 is the ideal instrument for playing at home, whether you work your technique in your office or give a recital in your living room. And with Bluetooth® connectivity and powerful embedded features unique to a digital piano in this price range, the FP-10 is the perfect second piano for experienced pianists.

Connect to music with the PHA-4 Expressive Keyboard
Playing the piano is a matter of nuances. The FP-10's PHA-4 Standard Keyboard provides the responsive feel of a high-quality acoustic piano, with every note nuance, from piano to forte, being detected by Roland's technology. With high-resolution sensors and an exhaust for fast repetition of notes, the PHA-4 keyboard faithfully translates differences in tone and volume into subtle differences in key pressure.. The attention to detail goes up to the reproduction of the difference in weight of hammers, heavier in the bass register, lighter in the high register. By placing your fingers on the white keys, you will be amazed by their revolutionary moisture-absorbing material that recreates the natural texture of ivory. And to be able to apply your express pedal pedal-type pedaling, simply connect the optional DP-10 pedal.

Authentic sound to motivate beginners and inspire professionals
You'll find more instruments in the FP-10's price range, but none have piano sounds of equal quality.. The Roland SuperNATURAL tone generator delivers authentic, almost-live piano sounds, whether you're a beginner learning the basics or an accomplished pianist wanting to work out the details of his or her joints. This natural piano sound is diffused in your home thanks to the powerful built-in speakers, or in the headphones of your headphones that will allow you to play at any time of day or night.

Boost your creativity with built-in sounds, learning features and apps
Filled with state-of-the-art digital features, the FP-10 makes your play sessions fun and productive. It allows you to be creative in various musical genres thanks to many integrated sounds of organ, electric piano, strings ... You will improve your tempo thanks to the integrated metronome, and learn more quickly thanks to the Twin Piano mode which allows the teacher and his pupil to play side by side in the same tessitura. And with Bluetooth and MIDI compatibility, you'll be able to connect to your favorite music creation software, or apps like Apple's GarageBand or Roland's Piano Partner 2 (Rhythm is not available in Piano Partner 2).

The most compact 88-key digital piano in its class
You would like to buy a standard 88-key piano, but do not have room for such an instrument. The Roland FP-10 is for you. The most compact 88-key digital piano in its class, measuring only 1284 x 258 mm, the FP-10 can be easily moved and placed in any room. For even easier transport, you can use the KS-12 portable keyboard stand; as for the robust KSCFP-10 dedicated stand, it will give the FP-10 an authentic piano look.

Technical characteristics


88 keys (standard PHA-4 keyboard with Ivory Feel ivory exhaust and touch)

Sensitivity to touch
5 types, fixed touch

Keyboard modes
Twin Piano

Optional pedal

Sound Generator

Piano sounds
SuperNATURAL Piano

Maximum polyphony
96 votes

Piano: 4 sounds
Electric piano (E Piano): 2 sounds
Others: 9 sounds

Extended tuning (only for piano sounds)
Always on

General tuning
415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (adjustable in steps of 0.1 Hz)

-6 to +5 semitones

Atmosphere (0-10)
Brilliance (-10 / + 10)
Only for piano sounds:
String Resonance: Always On
Mute Resonance: Always On
Key Off Resonance Resonance: Always On


Black = 10 to 500

0/4, 2/2, 3/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 8/8, 9 / 8, 12/8

MIDI: Bluetooth V4.0

Internal pieces
Listening: 17 pieces
Demo of sounds: 15 pieces

DC In jack
USB port to computer: USB Type B
USB key port: USB Type A
1 headphone output (Phones): stereo mini-jack

Output Power
6 W x 2

12 cm x 2


Volume (automatic rocker volume adjustment of speakers or headphones)

Other functions
Auto Off

AC adapter

4W (3-6W)
4 W: Average consumption when playing with a volume set halfway
3 W: Consumption just after extinction, without playing
6 W: maximum consumption

user's Guide
AC adapter
Power cord (to connect the AC adapter)
Mute pedal

Dimensions (With The Lectern In Place)

1.284 mm

298 mm

324 mm

12.3 kg
Brand reference number:FP-10-BK
Woodbrass pack
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