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The Touch of a Grand Piano
The exceptional keyboard mechanics Responsive Hammer III, recreates the touch of an acoustic grand piano, with its realistic and stable movement, without springs, allowing a natural and fluid interpretation. The instrument's 3-sensor key sensing system increases response and accuracy while structural improvements within the mechanics help minimize noise and horizontal key swing during fortissimo and staccato passes.

The weight of the keyboard is graduated to reflect the heaviness of the bass hammers and the lightness of the treble hammers of an acoustic piano, while the escape simulation recreates the perceived click when you very lightly press the keys of a piano tailed. These features allow pianists to rehearse their repertoire with confidence and guarantee no unpleasant surprises when playing grand pianos.

Genuine Counterweight
In addition to weighted hammers, the RHIII keyboard mechanism also has counterweights placed on each key. As with the acoustic piano, the excellent balance of these weights lighten the touch of the keyboard when pianissimo passages and provides a powerful sound when the keys are hit harder.

Three-sensor key sensing
In addition to the touch of a grand piano-like keyboard, the Responsive Hammer III features a three-sensor key sensing system for improved interpretation realism. The third sensor improves the response if the same key is pressed repeatedly, and allows the gradual superposition of a single note without the previous tone being lost.
The improvements to the ES8's sound card allow the speed with which the keys are pressed to influence the sound character when releasing the keys, thus providing a better staccato and legato expression.

Ivory Touch touch surface
The ES8 incorporates Ivory Touch high-end touch surfaces by default. This fine-textured material absorbs perspiration and finger sebum for improved feel and has a natural, matte, soft, non-slippery finish. Moisture is absorbed by avoiding the infiltration of dirt or grease on the surface, allowing the cleaning of the surface of the keys with a damp cloth.

- 88 keys
- Hammer Mechanics Hammer III (RHIII)
- Exhaust simulation
- Detection system with 3 sensors
- Harmonic Imaging
- 34 sounds
- Polyphony 256 notes max
- 100 rhythms with variations
- Transposer
- Atmosphere
- Table resonance
- Effect of dampers
- Dual function
- Split function
- 4 hands mode
- 2 tracks recorder
- Metronome
- 2 headphone outputs
- MIDI input and output
- Stereo line input
- Stereo Line Out
- USB to Host
- Connection for mains power
- Amplification: 2 x 15 Watt
- Dimensions: 1362 x 361 x 149 mm
- Weight: 22,5 kg
- Sustain pedal F-10H and desk included
Brand reference number:C21-ES8B
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