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After several years of research and development, here's the new Strata Prime: a top-of-the-range electronic drum kit with no compromises!

Every detail has been designed to deliver a natural, responsive playing experience for drummers. All the drum heads are equipped with new mesh heads that greatly improve sensitivity and feel, making them increasingly similar to acoustic drums. The new 360° cymbals are no longer static, but rotate like traditional cymbals. The 'chockable' function now applies to the entire cymbal, regardless of its position. The combination of the Strata colour, black nickel hardware and gold tie rods gives a look very close to that of an acoustic drum kit, an undeniable advantage for a drum kit designed for stage or studio use.

Strata Prime configuration

The Strata Prime features 6 drums fitted with white mesh heads, including :
  • A 14" dual-zone snare drum, with the ability to trigger sounds on the rim and rimshot in addition to the head.
  • Two 8" and 10" alto and midrange toms, with adjustable tension and height thanks to a new attachment system that allows millimetre-level adjustment.
  • Two 12" and 14" bass toms complete the kit for a playing feel very close to that of an acoustic kit.
  • A 20" bass drum offering a comfortable playing surface with either a single or double pedal.
  • Tension can be adjusted on each drum to match the exact level of bounce and expressiveness to your playing preferences.
The new patented technology of Alesis triggers allows a hot spot rate close to zero: this avoids distortion in the dynamic band and in the headphones with an abnormally high volume signal if the trigger comes into contact with a stick.


The Strata Prime's new ARC cymbals are extremely sensitive with a rotated surface. The 18" ride and the two 16" crashes are triple-zone, i.e. with different sounds triggered on the rim, the body of the cymbal and the bell. They're all 360° responsive, so you can play them anywhere on the cymbal and attach them to a standard cymbal stand, allowing them to respond and swing naturally, without restriction. The crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals have dual-edge sensors that allow incredible expressivity without having to adjust your technique.


The 14" hi-hat is the world's first controller mounted on an active magnetic foot. Like the cymbals, it's an extremely sensitive 360° triple-zone playing surface. Magnetic position detection ensures that pedal movements are translated with extraordinarily high resolution, meaning that the non-contact controller is unrivalled in its accuracy. Its active technology is powered directly from the PRIME module; no additional power adapters are required. This hi-hat can be played with a wide variety of hi-hat stands. In short, it's a hi-hat that's extremely close to an acoustic model, with incredible sensitivity and feel!


The Prime drum module is without doubt the most advanced ever made. Sound quality is assured by the world-renowned BFD software, with control via the 10.1" touchscreen offering intuitive navigation, high-quality studio sound and kit editing and mixing options. Thanks to the intuitive touchscreen, setting up your kit is quick and easy. You can adjust each tom, sound and effect with ease. There are also six rotary encoders for quick scrolling via the touchscreen, as well as a master encoder for the volume knobs dedicated to the main, smartphone and aux outputs. Under the bonnet, there's a powerful multi-core processor that loads incredible, multi-sampled kits in seconds. multi-sampled kits in seconds, giving you instant creative freedom to customise your kit, pickups, effects and articulations. The all-new trigger system is fully customisable. Although Strata Prime is ready to play straight out of the box, it offers a host of tools for customising sounds, kits and effects, allowing you to find YOUR sound!


The multi-core processor incorporates the legendary BFD software, offering a huge library of drum kits. These kits are sampled with the greatest sound engineers from the world's top recording studios. With over 40GB of content included on 128GB of internal storage, the Stata Prime module offers :
  • 75 kits
  • 440 different styles
  • Over 1,050 possibilities for sound articulation
  • 215,000 samples with several types of microphones.
  Create your own mixes, apply your own effects to the kit and even adjust each ambient microphone. Strata Prime has 40 playing zones, allowing each trigger zone to have several sounds assigned to it: a main sound, and up to three superimposed sounds per zone (layer), offering infinite sonic possibilities and limitless expressivity. In addition to the 75 factory kits, the stata Prime includes four sound libraries:
  • Alesis Prime Acoustic: an impressive collection of drum sounds recorded at Powerstation Studios in the UK.
  • BFD Dark Farm: an acoustic metal-oriented expansion pack.
  • Alesis Prime Electronic: the best of the electronic drum sounds from the Alesis Strike Multipad, ideal for layering with acoustic drum samples.
  • BFD Percussion: a diverse collection of percussion sounds from BFD's classic percussion packs.


Alesis has paid particular attention to the design of its new rack, which is far superior to its predecessors. The new double-reinforced steel rack is extremely strong to support this drum kit. It is ultra stable and can be adjusted very easily. Once the rack is installed, it doesn't move! The drum kit can be configured in a compact way for small rooms or in an extended way for playing in large spaces or on stage. The cymbals can also be mounted on standard poles (for optional extra cymbals). "Strata's kit has raised the bar of what I thought was possible. It's the most user-friendly and professional electronic drum kit I've ever played. No, seriously, if you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing!" influencer El Estepario Siberiano.  


  • 14" double zone mesh snare drum
  • Double zone mesh skin toms 8" / 10" / 12" / 14" mesh drumheads
  • 20" mesh skin bass drum (Bass drum pedal not included)
  • Double steel rack
  • Cymbals :
    • 360-degree triple-zone cymbals and hi-hat
    • 14" active hi-hat with magnetic controller (hi-hat stand not included)
    • Two 16" ARC 360-degree crash cymbals
    • 18" Ride
  • Module :
    • Next-generation 10.1" touchscreen
    • BFD Player software included with multi-core processor
    • 75 virtually unlimited factory kits / user kits, 440 different styles
    • Over 1050 sound articulation possibilities
    • 215,000 samples with several microphone types.
    • Over 40GB of content included on 128GB of internal storage New patented Alesis trigger technology enables near-zero hot spots zero
  Lessons and software:
  • Free 90-day subscription to Drumeo
  • Free BFD Player virtual drum instrument software with expansion pack
Brand reference number: PAL STRATAPRIME FULL PACK 2
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