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Boost with 2-band EQ, 20dB

The Pure Boost is a pedal that raises the signal level in a clear and transparent way, up to 20dB additional. The contribution of gain does not crunch the sound, but makes it possible to muscle the impact of the other pedals used downstream. The 2-band EQ provides the ability to shape the tone of the signal and correct some frequencies too discreet or too invasive when the Boost is engaged. A Boost that respects your sound to the letter!


-Gain: Adjusts the gain.

-Treble: Adjusts the level of high frequencies.

-Bass: Adjusts the bass level.

-Volume: Adjusts the output level.

Technical characteristics

The Mooer Pedals are all True Bypass: when the pedal is off, the signal of the guitar does not go into the electronic circuits, but directly from the input to the output, which ensures the neutrality of the pedal in off mode on the sound of the instrument. Also, when the pedal is not powered, it lets the signal pass.

Metal case

9V external power supply
Brand reference number:PUREBOOST
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