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The history of marshall

From a drummers teacher who was pottering about bass amps in order to get together two 12" speakers to "The Father of Loud", pioneer of guitar amplification : Jim Marshall. Jim Marshall's story began in Hannwell, west London, where he owned a music store selling drums and then branching out into guitars and amps, mostly Fender. It was Pete Townshed who convinced him to start manufacturing guitar amps, wanting solething bigger and louder than the too clean Fender sound. The result was the creation of what is now one of the rock world’s most instantly recognisable icons, the 100 Watt Marshall stack! Together with Ken Bran, the shop's repair man, he wanted to develop something more affordable recreating the Fender Bassman model, the star amp at the time. From that point on, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Marshall quickly became the world’s pre-eminent rock amplifier maker.