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The history of presonus

PreSonus was founded in 1995. The brand is market leader in the field of audio recording and all the software, equipment and accessories related. Their products are used all over the world to record, to broadcast and to mix the sound.The aims of this brand? To make devices for professional music production available to all musicians and sound engineers.

Everything began in a garage but they expanded fast to real premises: in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the society established herself for the first 4 years. The first product presented by this brand was the CCP8, a controller with 8 channels, compressor/ governor/ noise gate. This controller was ahead of its time because he offered already fonctions which were used at this time by the unattainable mixing desks.

PreSonus develops still today a whole lot of innovative, professional and affordable products for the music industry. It is importand for this brand to reach an excellent integration of hardware and software. So they offer systems with higher capacity than hardware and software were able to offer seperatedly.

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