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The label "Red Label" affixed to the inner side of the back of the guitar immediately evokes the manufacture of the first ever Japanese Folk FG became iconic 60s, produced at the time under the name of Nippon Gakki. The FG Red Label series is not a set of guitars frozen in time, it brings together the legacy of more than fifty years of expertise with a modern look at the current needs of guitarists.

The first Yamaha "folks" guitars are made in Custom's workshops
Shop Hamamatsu (Japan) in 1966. These models called FG150 and FG180 are followed the following year of a 12-string guitar, the FG230; then at the beginning of the 70's by models with massive table, the FG500, FG1500 and FG2000. It was at this time that Yamaha became a household name for young guitarists around the world.

Yamaha FG Red Label FS5X

JAPAN manufacturing

Concert Cashier
Sitka Solid Spruce Table treated ARE
Solid Mahogany Back & Necks
Solid African Mahogany Neck
Bone Carnations
Ebony fingerboard & bridge
Ebony pegs
Length of the box 497mm
Total length of the guitar 1021mm
Width of the body 380mm
Depth of the box 90-110mm
Space between 10mm ropes
Semi Gloss Body / Channel Finish
System (Model FGX) Atmosfeel
Controls (Model FGX) Master Vol / Bass EQ / Mic Blend
Connectors (FGX model) Line Out
Diapason 634mm
Nut width 44mm
400mm radius of the touch
Binding Case Black + Cream
Incrust. Rosette Black + White
Gotoh Open Gear Mechanics - Chrome
Pickguard Type Wood
Hard Case
Elixir NANOWEB 80/20 Bronze Light Strings
FSX5 weight: 2.1

Sitka solid spruce top
The guitars in the FG Red Label series feature a beautiful massive Sitka spruce top from North America. This species is particularly present in Canada and Alaska. Sitka offers rich mediums and a nice response in the low end. His abilities are expressed as well with a game that requires a lot of attack as the fingers.

Solid Mahogany Back & Necks
Mahogany offers a very characteristic roundness and warmth to this essence. This choice also allows to find a beautiful presence in the mediums.

Ebony fingerboard & bridge
Ebony is a dark wood with a higher density than Rosewood. The handcrafted models in Japan FG5 and FGX5 also offer ebony pegs.

Vintage Open Mechanics
Bone tops and bridge easel
Bone is one of the materials that offers much better results than composite materials. The bone allows a better transmission of energy between the various elements such as the handle and the body, for the benefit of a better projection.

New Atmosfeel System
The 3-channel Atmosfeel system is based on a combination of 3 sensors to reproduce the natural sound of the guitar. A piezo sensor is placed under the bridge saddle to fetch the low frequencies A second microphone placed under the table to load the bass and mediums. A third contact sensor disposed closer to the bridge brace and lower strings will pick up the upper part of the spectrum.

ARE (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement)
The ARE system (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) is an original process of artificial wood aging exclusive to Yamaha instruments. Instruments made from wood that have benefited from this technology offer a tonal richness comparable to that found on instruments
"Vintage" played for years. The ARE technology is based on the transformation of the molecular structure of the wood by a very precise action on the temperature and humidity conditions in order to obtain ideal acoustic characteristics (similar to those of the old instruments). This natural process does not use any chemicals, and is part of Yamaha's environmental policy.

Brand reference number:GFSX5
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