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The best seller of the American brand, the Nanoverb2 is a multi-effect with 256 sound processing algorithms housed in an ultra-compact rack. Mainly intended for reverb, it also offers delays, flangers or chorus ... An economical solution, perfect simplicity!

A child's play, but a wise reflection!
To implement its 256 effects, the Nanoverb2 offers a particularly obvious ergonomics: a first rotary knob to navigate among the 16 types of treatments, while a second, slightly smaller, is there to choose one of 16 variations available for each treatment! Nothing more direct and effective, especially as the proposed effects, treated in 24-bit, all have the legendary quality Alesis! Thus we find all the clarity and warmth of the grain of reverberations, the dynamics of delays, and the unctuous texture and evolutionary flangers or chorus: a treat!

A little magic box!
Housed in a sturdy one-third 19 "1U rackmount metal case, the Nanoverb2 features a pair of 1/4" stereo inputs and outputs, which complement one another at the same time. format, to connect a footswitch for the bypass of the effect to create fast transitions Note also that the device automatically switches to mono mode if a single jack is connected to its left channel: smart and ... convenient!

Simple but versatile settings ...
For the mix of the effect, no headache: the Nanoverb2 provides three essential control knobs. The first one allows to adjust the level of entry, and has a control Led in case of saturation, the second authorizes the mixing of the source signal and the treated signal, while the third gives the hand on the level of exit: c 'is set ! With such sobriety, the Nanoverb2 can be inserted in a particularly fluid way in any configuration, on stage or in the studio.

- 16 programs with 16 variations, totaling 256 programs
- Input gain control by rotary potentiometer
- Frontage saturation indicator light
- Control of Mix / Dry parameter by rotary potentiometer
- Control of the output level by rotary potentiometer
- Optimized electronic circuit
- The unit automatically switches to mono mode when only one jack is connected to the left input
- Pedal input for Bypass control (optional pedal)

Category: Digital Effects Processor
Number of channels: 2
Lamps: no
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Integrated preamp: no
Number of effects: 16

Inputs: footswitch, jack
Outputs: jack
Settings: Input gains, mix, volume
Number of presets: 16
Dimensions (mm): 197 x 131 x 44
Weight (kg): 0.76
Brand reference number:RAL NANOVERB2
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