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The octavor is one of those effects that, although unknown, are immediately recognizable by ear as they add a new dimension to your sound. In addition, the Octabass SE is a true legend used by the greatest artists.

Octabass: the inheritance.
Based on an embedded effect in the venerable EBS Taurus combo, the Octabass was the first bass effect pedal developed by the brand in 1992. This Octavor, whose role is to generate a new note an octave under the original note, has quickly become a true standard of the industry being used by artists as famous as Tony Levin (David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits ...), Roger Glover (Deep Purple) or Tal Wilkenfeld. Now available in Studio Edition version, it comes with a lot of improvements that include its circuit and a better tolerance to different voltages, while retaining the sound of the original Octabass, of course.

The researcher's head of your notes.
As an attacker, the Octabass SE needs to react quickly and accurately to generate the right note. Thanks to its specially developed bass circuit, the Octabass is able to recognize two- or three-note chords and generate the same note, a lower octave. The level of the original tone can be adjusted via the Normal knob, while the level of the newly generated note can be adjusted via the Octave knob. In addition to these two controls, three modes are available: High that offers a fast and synthetic attack, Mid for the standard octave perfect for the bass from 4 to 6 strings, and Low that adds softer bass notes.

The perfect combination.
The Octabass SE is a versatile pedal that adapts to many playing styles, and can easily be combined with other effects. Perfect for adding a special touch and a new dimension to a guitar or bass solo, the Octabass goes very well with distortion, as long as it is placed before the latter in the chain. If you're looking for a synth bass sound, combining an Octabass with an EBS Bass IQ pedal in Down mode will bring you an incredible rendering of synthesizer.
True standard in the EBS effect palette, the Octabass SE is just the pedal you need to bring a new dimension to your sound, while enjoying a quality rendering that will respect the sound of your bass or your guitar.

This analog octave adds a new dimension to your sound. It creates a single note an octave below the note you play. It has settings for the original signal level and a mix for that of the effect. Choose between high, mid or low registers. True bypass. The new generation of Black Label pedals, the Studio Edition, is identical to the original effects while offering technical and visual enhancements: new relay switch system for significantly less mechanical noise and longer life, LEDs bigger, the possibility to be powered by 9V or 12V DC for more dynamics, better protection against voltage peaks up to 18 Volts, signals optimized for use in the studio and a more modern look. Settings: Normal, octave, switch range (low / mid / high).

Category: octaveur / harmony
Format: pedal
Technology: analog
Number of effects: 1
LED display
Switch: on / off
Pedal of expression: no
Settings: normal, octave

Inputs: jack
Outputs: jack
True bypass: yes
Power supply: 9 to 12 V adapter
Power supply included: no
Dimensions (mm): 70 x 115 x 35
Weight (kg): 400,00
Brand reference number:MEB OCTABASS-SE
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