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Quantz, study flutes that benefit from the know-how of the Japanese designers of professional models. In other words, when the best becomes accessible to all ...

Ingenuity, innovation and diversity: a trilogy unique in the world of the flute.
Each Quantz model features peaked keying. Reserved until now for hand-made flutes, this option is now available for the entire Pearl range. An option that complements the Pinless and One-Piece Core-Bar technologies of the brand. This simple but ingenious design allows students and amateur flutists to play with an exceptionally efficient and reliable instrument.

Only Pearl Flute offers the choice between two heads on study models.
Two head designs are available for the "student" range. First, the Largo head, the standard model on the flutes of the Quantz series, is easy to play and therefore perfect for beginners. It deploys a balanced response and a sweet and melodious sound. On the other hand, the Forza head is mounted on Dolce and Elegante series flutes. It benefits from a more sophisticated opening, better suited to advanced musicians, and allows for better sound projection, a wider spectrum of harmonics, a clearer articulation and an impressive tonal richness. Note that this head is also available on the flutes of the Quantz series.

Pearl - A tradition of innovation.
The home-made process of Pearl is the result of a long tradition. From study models to professional copies, each instrument must accompany each stage of a flutist's career. To ensure this long-lasting quality, the Japanese firm has initiated a unique apprenticeship program in its factory in Chiba, Japan, so that seasoned artisans share their know-how with new generations of workers..

One-Piece Core-Bar, a mechanical innovation.
The One-Piece Core-Bar manufacturing system, present on all the flutes of the brand, eliminates the recurring problems of the models of the other manufacturers who do not have any. Indeed, Pearl has designed a rod that crosses the axes of the keys, from acute to F #, which makes the mechanics more reliable, makes them more comfortable, for greater durability and less maintenance..

Pinless Construction, the needle-free system.
All Pearl flutes are built using the Pinless process patented by the Japanese brand. When combined with the mechanical, this system eliminates one of the problems encountered by traditional factors: the small needles that hang clothes and promote the infiltration of perspiration and acidity of the skin. A phenomenon that can harm the instrument by inducing corrosion and stiffness of the keys. This disadvantage has been eliminated by inserting pin screws under the mechanicals, thus eliminating the need for traditional screws. A simple solution to a recurring problem. Still had to think about it ...

This series benefits from the many technical advances originally developed for professional models.

The Quantz Forza Series flutes have the patented Pin Pin mechanism without pins and are equipped with one-piece keying and One-Piece-Core-Bar technology.. These mechanical peculiarities make it possible to center the force on the plate for a better quality of clogging, to avoid the corrosion of the mechanism and to regulate the flute more easily.

The flutes of this series are equipped with a hand-finished Forza head, generally reserved for flutes of higher ranges. By the design of its plate and its core, it offers better control of the emission of sound. The attacks are facilitated, the nuances are subtle and colorful.

Quantz Forza series flutes are delivered in a hard case with a case cover, a swab shank and the maintenance kit.

The characteristics of the FORZA head are:

- A wide and dynamic sound
- A big projection
- Subtle and colorful nuances
- Easiest attacks
- Better control of the sound emission

The flutes of the QUANTZ FORZA series are delivered with:
- A hard case
- A nylon case cover
- A swab-rod
- The maintenance kit.

Category: flute
Tone: Ut
Trays: hollow
Online keying: yes
Mouth plate: solid silver 925 ‰
Head: silver nickel silver

Body Material: silver nickel silver
Mechanical: silver nickel silver
Paw: Ut
Stamp: double balloon
Accessories included: case + cover + swab - maintenance
Brand reference number:VPE F525R
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