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Dark, sweet and extremely precise, here is the good description of the K cymbal 18 inches sweet!

A new unique collection.
Announced at NAMM 2018, the new cymbals from the K Zildjian Sweet collection once again revolutionize the world of drums by providing an innovative tonal direction. Indeed, these cymbals are both dark, sweet and really expressive! Very current and extremely versatile, they will fit easily into your set. Handmade, K Sweet enjoy the expertise of craftsmen Zildjian. With their brilliant traditional finish and unmachined bell on crashes and hi-hat, the new K Zildjian Sweet cymbals are a real aesthetic success and deliver a warm and vibrant sound.

A wide range of choices.
With the K Zildjian Sweet range, you can access a wide range of models to make the LE set that suits you best. The wrinkles are available in 21 "and 23" and deploy harmonics even darker than the Zildjian A Sweet ride. Rather light, wrinkles can also be used in crash! In terms of crashes, the K Sweet are available in 16 ", 17", 18 ", 19" & 20 "and are extremely precise with a full and powerful sound.Please note that the 20" crash can also be to be used as a ride! Finally, the charleystons come in 15 "and 16". The top is light while the bottom is heavy, a combination that provides a bold and shiny sound. If you're looking for versatile cymbals, go for the K Sweet Series!

The new K Zildjian Sweet collecJon extends the K family to a new tonal direction that is still unexplored. This new collection has dark and sweet sound characteris- tics. It has a full-featured Crash, Rides and Hi-Hats of all sizes, to meet the demand of the majority of current music. K Sweet cymbals are hammered by hand, like all Zildjian K's, and the traditional nipple allows each cymbal to obtain sublime, warm and vibrant sound.

Category: crash
Material: bronze
Cymbal diameter: 18.00
Thickness: extra thin

Hammering: yes
Sound: dark / medium
Finishing: traditional
Brand reference number:PZI K0704
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