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The pickup that redefined the Texas blues sound. Overwound, calibrated, vintage style Stratocaster® pickups with plenty of midrange chirp, crystal highs and tight bass. Alnico 5 magnets and enamel coated magnet wire create the increased output that demands respect! Throw in a reverse
wound/reverse polarity middle pickup for hum canceling in positions 2 & 4 and you're transported back to Austin to watch another set from Double Trouble. OEM on the Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bonnie Raitt, American Texas Special, and many Custom Shop Stratocasters. Available in white only. Sold as a set of 3 or as each.

Texas Special Strat Bridge Pickup:
DC Resistance: 6.50K - 7.10K
Inductance: 3.58Henries

Texas Special Strat Middle Pickup:
DC Resistance: 6.5K
Inductance: 2.6Henries

Texas Special Strat Neck Pickup:
DC Resistance: 6.2K
Inductance: 2.4Henries
Brand reference number:099-2111-000
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