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The P9RA-K1E is a receiver specifically designed to work with the P9TE-K1E personal monitor transmitter, from the PSM 900 series. Particularly compact and lightweight, it combines flawless reception power, powerful audio features, and comfortable battery life.

In the PSM 900 family, I would like ...
Equipped with the latest technologies in analog stereo transmission, the PSM 900 has appealed to many sound engineers for the relentless reliability of its HF link and the dynamic and crystal-clear clarity of its sound reproduction.. In this famous chain, the P9RA receiver takes all the qualities in both areas, while materializing in a convenient and lightweight case of 200 g for reduced dimensions of 83 x 65 x 22 mm hardly! However, this slim size does not prevent it from having excellent battery life, up to six hours when using two LR6 batteries, or eight hours when using the Shure SB900A battery!

A flawless reception!
The P9RA-K1E works on the K1E band, which is between 596 and 632 MHz. It offers a compatibility of 20 frequencies per band. In addition, it has a switchable transmit power between 10 and 50 mV, and an RF bandwidth of up to 40 MHz, with a mute RF function that facilitates the implementation of the device without risking to disrupt other wireless systems. In addition, it has a sophisticated and powerful automatic frequency scanner directly derived from the UHF-R series.

An ideal audio response.
Equipped with a frequency response curve that ranges from 35 Hz to 15,000 Hz, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 90 dB, the P9RA-K1E offers all the transparency and precision of attack essential for comfortable monitoring. powered by a 100mW powerful 32-ohm power amp. Practical side, it also has a headphone level limiter for more security, a high frequency equalizer located at 10 000 Hz, and a function Cue Mode, which gives the possibility to the engineer sound to make independent mixes for each musician: practical, even essential!

Receiver - K1E Band - 596 to 632 MHz

After creating a revolution in the world of personal feedback with the famous PSM600, a reference in terms of audio quality and robustness of its HF transmission, the Shure PSM900 once again shakes the habits of users of personal returns.
The PSM900 system delivers outstanding audio and HF performance through the use of the latest technologies available in analog stereo transmission.

- Advanced frequency scanner from the UHF-R series.
- Bi-directional infrared sync enabling data exchange between transmitter and receiver.
- Cue Mode function that gives the sound engineer the ability to control the mix of each musician and the quality of the HF transmission.
- RF Mute function facilitates the implementation of the system without the risk of disturbing other wireless systems.

Technical characteristics
- Transmitting power: Switchable 10mW, 50mW
- RF bandwidth: up to 40MHz
- Number of compatible frequencies per band: 20
- Audio bandwidth: 35Hz to 15kHz
- Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted): 90dB
- Stereo separation: 60dB

P9RA pocket receiver
- Power headphone amp: 100mW in 32 to 1kHz
- Headphone amp limiter: adjustable
- High frequency equalizer: +2 dB or +4 dB at 10kHz
- Power supply: 2 LR6 batteries or SB900 battery (P9RA)
- Battery life: 4 to 6 hours (batteries) - 6 to 8 hours (battery)
- Dimensions: 83mm x 65mm x 22mm
- Weight: 200g with batteries

EP9T transmitter
- Power supply: 240VAC - 15VDC external transformer with screw connector
- Audio input connectors: 2 balanced XLR-jack 6.35 mm combo
- Audio output connectors: 2 recopies in balanced 6.35mm jack
- Dimensions: 197mm x 166mm x 42mm
- Kit included: Single and double rack mounting - Front antenna deflection

The PSM900 series is available in the G7E, K1E, L6E, P7 and Q15 frequency bands.

Stereo Ear Monitor Receiver with Multi-Function Backlit LCD Display. Thanks to its optional lithium-ion battery SB900, its autonomy is increased to 10 hours. Enhanced stereo separation in MixMode mode. Very compact metal case. Supplied with detachable 1/4 wave antenna.

Category: issuer
Frequency response: 35 Hz - 15 kHz
Transmitting power: 10.00
Frequency scanner: yes
Outings: minijack
Compatibility: PSM900

Power supply: 2 AA alkaline batteries, Poe, rechargeable battery
Autonomy: 8
Indicative range: 90
Dimensions (mm): 83 x 65 x 22
Weight (kg): 0.20
Brand reference number:SSX P9RA-K1E
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