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s like the track of a Midi song that can be played on a score. Especially since a video output allows to view them on an external screen. Singer and musician! Connect a microphone and use all available parameters including the TC • Helicon voice processor, to produce a natural, studio-like vocals. The Vocal Remover function even allows you to delete the vocal part of MP3 tracks to sing it yourself. For your guitar, even surfing functions with processors, effects and other models of tube amps. Unprecedented creativity with Kaoss effects. The Kaoss effects are literally exhaustive! Subtle metamorphoses between variations or drum kits, precise mixing of accompaniment sounds, direct transformation of rhythms, radical DJ effects, echo-to-tape and arpeggiator effects, etc.. You can even apply a "smooth mix" to any Midi Style or Song with easy-to-use composition features. To learn more about the Korg Pa1000 ... This new keyboard is endowed with many features that put it well in the heart of the (very) big.

First, let's talk about the sound engine. That of the Pa1000 has four times more PCM memory than the Pa900 and therefore expands the amount of PCM user memory to 600 MB using compression. This results in instruments with more dynamics and therefore a higher quality of your performances. The number of user-style slots has also been expanded to a maximum of 1,152 that will cover almost every imaginable style (also being reviewed). Beside that, the integrated speaker system has been enhanced to produce even more powerful and dynamic sound via standard functions such as the TC Helicon voice harmonizer, a dual MP3 player and recorder and the dual Crossfade sequencer. Note: the video output is normalized, so your audience can sing the lyrics on the screen.

The Pa1000 incorporates all this into a high-quality shell with aluminum inserts overhanging a sleek chassis to deliver a vivid look on any scene! Many other improvements on the detailed sheet in French on the website of the manufacturer: the arranger Pa1000

Technical characteristics

61 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys (C2-C7) with aftertouch

Sound generator
Filters with resonance and three band equalizer for each sound

128 oscillators / polyphonic voices

2 insert effects and two Master, 148 total effect types for Songs, 1 insert effect and 2 master sounds, limiter and global EQ
TC-Helicon voice processor with equalizer, compressor, gate, three voice harmonizer / doubler, two effects
More than 30 effects presets and 64 user
Guitar processor with three effects, 45 factory presets and 64 user

Sounds / Styles
More than 1,750 factory sounds, including two multi-layered stereo piano with resonance and mute, GM / XG soundtracks and 107 rhythm kits
512 sound and 256 user rhythm kits
Harmonic pulls, percussion, key on / off and rotary speaker effect
PCM sample memory compatible with Korg, WAV, AIFF and SoundFont formats and editing, slicing and sampling functions

More than 430 reconfigurable Factory Style, 1,152 User Slots
8 backing tracks, 4 keyboard sets, 4 pads per style and sound and arranger settings per style; Song to Style MIDI Converter

Chord Sequencer
import / export functions in SMF format
Memory for sound parameters with over 300 configurable sets and 864 user slots

Kaoss FX
More than 65 factory presets

XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer Player patented, two drives with separate transport, X-Fader control, editing, looping, markers, jukebox function, support for formats Mid, Kar, MP3 + lyrics, MP3 + G,

MP3 player and recorder
transposition between -5 and +6 semitones and tempo modification on ± 30% and vocal suppressor

Sequencer of 16 tracks
step function, up to 200,000 events, native SMF format
Programmable Songbook compatible with MID, Kar and MP3

4 assignable pads with recording function

Mute pedal input with half-pedaling support
Left and right line inputs on 6.35 mm jacks
Mic / guitar input (left) on 6.35 mm jack with up to +40 dB gain
Left and right audio outputs on 6.35 mm jacks
1/4 "headphone output
2 100mm woofers in Bass Reflex configuration and two 25mm dome tweeters, 2 x 33W power
MIDI input and output
USB 2.0 type A to Host front and back, and B to Device rear
Internal memory of 960 MB
MicroSD card slot on the back
7 "tilt TouchView TFT color display
RCA video output

Dimensions and weight
Dimensions: 1 030 x 378.3 x 133 mm
Weight: 10,75 kg
Brand reference number:KOC PA1000
Quality / price
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