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This traditional rain stick fascinates all the little ones in the world by the particular sound it emits. It is the ideal instrument for the first musical awakening of babies.
Just hold the rain stick vertically and then turn it like an hourglass to reproduce the sound of the rain. To give a realistic rain effect, several sticks, of varying sizes, are used. The larger ones thus produce a deep and muffled sound, while the small sticks of rain have a drier and more acute sound. You can also shake the stick or tilt it more or less depending on the desired effect.

Suitable for children, these rain sticks have been rigorously selected to make music accessible from an early age.
Of noble material and various tones, these rain sticks will be sure to be adopted by all aspiring musicians. At school, with the family, at the crèche, in an awakening workshop ... these small instruments will also be the subject of a real educational approach thanks to the varied forms and gestures.
It is said that, in Antiquity, the sound of the rain stick had the power to attract rain; listening to the uniform and prolonged crackling that comes out of it, one has the impression of being near a waterfall or in the middle of a downpour.

The advantages of the rain stick for toddlers:
- Develop their motor coordination through the manipulation of the stick
- Makes their hearing work by awakening them to new sounds
- Develop their attention skills

Made from picked and uncut cacti (according to international ecological legislation), the rain sticks contain pebbles from volcanic rock and produce a dripping sound. These are cacti that grow in the pre-Andes Cordillera in northern Chile. Their average size reaches about 3 meters high and grows in a semi-arid region where they are moistened by a kind of mist from the sea called "camanchaca". This type of semi-arid land allows their existence and the artisans of the region thus create these musical instruments using typical traditional manufacturing techniques.

Length: about 50 cm.
Brand reference number:3658
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