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The EWI is a MIDI controller that simulates the playing of a wind instrument. Thanks to its USB compatibility, it can play virtual sounds on a computer without requiring any other interface. It is sold with the luxurious library of sounds edited by Garritan, who puts an entire orchestra at his wit's end!

A compact and versatile controller.
With a weight of only 875 g and a length of just 590 mm, the EWI has 13 touch-sensitive keys that give it access to control of two mobile octave palettes, plus two more fixed this time, for a total of five octaves! It is also equipped with a removable and washable spout, specially designed to offer an excellent feeling whatever the emulated instrument.

Full compatibility and immediate.
Fully compatible with all computer platforms, Windows or Mac OS X, the EWI connects with a simple USB cable, which also provides its power supply, for even more free mobility. Its plug & play mode also allows it to avoid the tedious installation of dedicated drivers: just plug in the controller to be immediately recognized, and ready to work!

A simple software setting for all fingerings.
So that every musician can find his way easily whatever his original instrument, the EWI is delivered with a software of parameterization which makes it possible to operate the essential settings in a few clicks. There are thus several types of fingerings (sax, flute, EWI, oboe ...) as well as various game controls, such as sensitivity to pressure or pinching.

An orchestra at the end of the lips!
To become a true conductor right away, the EWI is also accompanied by a software sound bank whose audio engine is none other than Garritan's famous Aria Player. one of the most prestigious publishers in sampling. So we have a full range of virtual instruments, which includes of course brass and wood, but also synths, pianos, percussion or strings ... In short, largely enough to never run out of steam!

ynthés etc) and this one, allows to stack the sounds to create effects of set (4 instruments can be played simultaneously).
Electronic wind controller,
13 keys sensitive to the touch, 2 palettes of mobile octaves plus 2 fixes is a access to 5 octaves,
Simplified parameter setting of the instrument via the supplied software including sensitivity to pressure,
pinching, as well as the type of fingering: Sax, Ewi, Flute Oboe,
"Plug and Play" USB connection for Mac and PC,
Powered by the USB port,
Comes with "Garritan Aria Player" software offering a wide range of sound based sampling
and allowing to cumulate up to 4 sounds simultaneously,
- Bec easily removable and washable,
Compatible with Windows XP / 8.1 and Mac OSX,
Dimensions: 23.2 x 2.75 x 2.75 cm

Category: USB
Sound module: no
Octave wheel: yes
Keys sensitive to touch: yes
Breath sensitive spout: yes
Midi interface: no

USB: yes
Output: USB / Midi
Power supply: USB
Dimensions (mm): 590 x 61 x 43
Weight (kg): 0.88
Brand reference number:RAP EWI-USB
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