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Roland announces the Aerophone GO, a unique and affordable digital wind instrument, fun and easy to use. Offering a traditional saxophone fingering, many built-in sounds and a headphone jack for quiet playing, the Aerophone GO is ideal for saxophonists and other wind instrumentalists of all levels. It is also an excellent instrument for anyone who dreams of learning to play a wind instrument. The Aerophone GO is equipped with Bluetooth® to allow access to additional features via the free Aerophone GO Plus and Aerophone GO Ensemble apps.

Combining sensations and a traditional instrument response with Roland's innovative digital technologies, the Aerophone GO is a modern, expressive and versatile instrument. It is lightweight, battery-powered for full mobility, and includes 11 high-quality sounds: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, flute, clarinet, violin, synth ... By connecting it to the Aerophone GO Plus app, you have even more sounds.

The Aerophone GO is an instrument of choice for beginners, but it can be played using the traditional fingerings of the saxophone or recorder. It will therefore be immediately familiar to experienced musicians. A breath sensor integrated in the nose also detects the pressure exerted by the lips, allowing the implementation of vibrato techniques or pitch variation. And thanks to its digital sound generator, the Aerophone GO allows instant transposition without changing fingering.

It also has a built-in speaker to hear play and broadcast the sound to a small audience, but it is also possible to connect to an amplification system to get a wider sound. Another of its advantages is the ability to play headphones, to work silently anywhere and at any time without disturbing those around you.

The Aerophone GO is a fully autonomous instrument, but it becomes even more interesting when connected to a mobile terminal via Bluetooth. The Aerophone GO Plus app lets you play your favorite titles and access a variety of learning support features, slowing down the tempo, or looping parts of a song for detailed study. The app also provides access to 50 additional sounds and instrument settings such as the sensitivity of the breath and pressure sensors, fingering, and more.

Aerophone GO Ensemble is another very interesting app, which allows seven Aerophone GO players to play together wirelessly to rehearse and play in public or in the classroom. Once connected, each member of the formed group can choose one of the 19 sounds available in the app. The overall sound of the group is mixed in the application and can be amplified by connecting the smartphone to a small powered speaker such as Roland's Cube Street EX, running on batteries.
Brand reference number:AE-05
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