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The easiest instrument to learn
If you have always dreamed of playing a wind instrument, the Aerophone mini is the fastest way to achieve it. This modern and fun wind instrument is super easy to learn, and will let you play on your favorite tracks in no time. Its fingering is easy to understand, and you will not have complicated chords to learn as it is the case on the piano, the guitar, or the ukulele. Its six different sounds allow you to explore many musical genres, and its compactness allows you to carry it everywhere.

With Bluetooth connectivity and a free dedicated app, you'll be able to take your first musical steps and get ahead at the speed of lightning.. The app offers over 50 additional sounds, as well as some very simple lessons to help you get started. it is also possible to stream and play songs played on your mobile device! And by plugging an audio headset into the instrument, you can immerse yourself in the music without disturbing anyone.

A universe of inspiring sounds
The Aerophone mini offers a wide range of instruments to play on your favorite music. Sounds of saxophone, flute, violin, clarinet, trumpet and synthesizer are integrated to explore many musical genres. By connecting the instrument to the Aerophone mini Plus app in Bluetooth, you can access more than 50 additional sounds. They are organized by type in the app, which allows to find them quickly.

A simple fingering for quick learning
The recorder is a known instrument for young children to learn about music. Maybe you played it at school. The fingering of the Aerophone mini is based on that of the recorder, which allows you to play very quickly. And thanks to the dedicated app, you can instantly transpose digital sound into any tone. So just learn one fingering to play any song!

Easy breath control
To get the right pitch and the right sound, acoustic wind instruments require perfect breath control that is only possible with a lot of work. But the Aerophone mini gives you the right sound straight away thanks to its digital sound generator and blast sensor. Learn a simple fingering, blow in the mouthpiece, and off you go.

Start playing immediately
The Aerophone mini Plus app lets you get down to business right now with 11 built-in songs and easy-to-access lessons. It displays the fingering of each note, so you do not need to know how to read a score. And thanks to the adjustable tempo, you can start at low speed and gradually increase to normal tempo. You can also stream the titles on your mobile device from the app, and you can lower the volume of their voice parts and replace them with your game, like karaoke.

Practice helmet at all times
Thanks to the Aerophone mini, it's easy to make music without disturbing those around you or your neighbors. Just plug in a headset to mute the speaker and work the instrument without making any noise. The sound of songs streamed from the app also goes into the headset, to immerse you completely in the music.

Customize the Aerophone according to your style
The Aerophone mini Plus app gives you many possibilities to personalize the instrument as you become familiar with it. For example, you can easily adjust the response by adjusting the breath sensitivity. Thanks to more advanced settings, you can play with little air pressure, which is ideal when you first start. You can also create your own fingerings, which you can store in 10 memories and recall at your leisure.

Play and record instruments in music software
Many music production applications include software instruments that can be played and recorded via MIDI. The Aerophone Mini offers wireless MIDI via Bluetooth that will take you to the next step and compose your own songs.

Characteristics :
- Allows quick learning thanks to a simple fingering based on a traditional recorder
- 6 built-in sounds (saxophone, flute, clarinet, violin and more)
- Hall effect
- Built-in speaker
- Battery operation (4x AA Mignon)
- 50 additional sounds and 11 tutorial songs via a free app (available for iOS and Android)
- Bluetooth 4.2 for audio and MIDI transmission
- Stereo headphone output (3.5mm jack)
- Micro USB port B
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 451 x 43 x 81 mm
- Weight: 500 g (batteries included)
- Comes with mouthpiece, strap, USB cable and user manual
Brand reference number:AE-01
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