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This Spacedrum has the distinction of having 8 notes placed on a large diameter. Its scale starts with a C3 and ends on G4. Greater than conventional models 8 notess, with a diameter of 60 cm, it can play on notes with remarkable bass.

This model is aimed both at experienced musicians, as conscious people play on a handpan offering deep sounds and vibrations. It can be put on a stand or on your laps despite it's a bit larger than its little brothers.

This scale does not change the arrangement of notes and can play alternately as the other models in 8 notes.

Thanks to a long research & development work in partnership with an engineering high school we’re happy to release the 4th generation Spacedrum®, made out of a special stainless alloy. The properties of this special alloy are particularly adapted for the outdoor playing: totally rustproof, even in the extrem climates (see shores, tropics...), hard enough to keep the tuning for years (in normal conditions of use). Added to that, the Spacedrum® Evolution (4th gen) develops more sustain and more sound volume while respecting the Spacedrum® original sound.

This instrument is fragile and needs to be protected when it's not played. Our bags are specially designed for a good protection of the Spacedrum®.

Scale Low Hitzaz (Hijaz): C3 G3G#3 B3 C4 D4 Eb4 G4

Technical settings:

► Raw material: Stainless Steel alloy
► Diameter: 23.6 in (60 cm)
► Dome hight: 5.2 in (13 cm)
► Bottom hight: 3.15 in (8 cm)
► Weight: around 7 kg (15.4 lb)
► Number of notes: 8
► Damper: removable rubber joint that reduces harmonics and sustain...
► Surface treatment: thermal + wax
Brand reference number:SPACE10-5 SILVERADO
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