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The Spacedrum® new design 8 notes Atlantic'O is the latest creation from Metal Sounds. It offers a range that starts with a Re3 and ends on a La4. With a diameter of 60 cm it is based on a low register and allows the use of notes providing deep and remarkable bass.

This Spacedrum® will delight both experienced musicians and those who want to play on a handpan with deep and powerful sounds. It should rather be played on a stand but it can also be placed on your lap.

This range does not change the arrangement of notes and allows a game alternately as on other models with 8 or 9 notes.

The Spacedrum® Evolution new design is the fifth generation of Spacedrum®. It results from a close collaboration between a large engineering school and the Metal Sounds team. Made from a special stainless steel alloy the instrument is protected indefinitely against the effects of corrosion, even in extreme weather conditions. It is, in addition, harder than conventional steel which prolongs sustainably the holding of the tuning over time, and its structural strength. The sound range is respected and the sustain gains (duration of the sound) and sound volume are obvious.

Featuring a polished Double DING, the middle note now emits a duller tone, and allows more percussive play compared to the previous Spacedrum® generation. The diameters of the DIMPLES (buttons located at the center of the notes) have been increased to further perfect the overall balance of the instrument. The polished dimples also give this new Handpan model a sober and luxurious design, just like its quality.

Atlantic'O range: Re3 Fa3 La3 Do4 Re4 Mi4 Fa4 La4 (D3 F3 A3 C4 D4 E4 F4 A4)

Technical characteristics :
- Material: Stainless special alloy
- Diameter: 60 cm
- Height of the dome (upper part): 14 cm
- Height of the bottom: 10 cm
- Weight: about 5.4 kg
- Number of notes: 8
- "Mute": removable rubber profile attenuating the harmonics, the sustain ...
- Surface treatment: thermal
Brand reference number:SPACE10-1 ATLANTIC O
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