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Edited by Peter Bowman and Gudrun Heyens

Ausgabe mit CD - +CD - Recorder and Keyboard Instrument - English - French - German

author: Bowman, Peter
author: Heyens, Gudrun

Série: Schott Anthology Series
Difficulté: intermediate to
pages: 120

This anthology presents pieces by 17th and 18th century composers in a variety of different styles, providing an informed introduction to the musical forms of the Baroque period. The volume contains works by major composers such as Bach, Handel and Telemann, as well as lesser known composers including Caix d’Hervelois and Marcello. Insightful teaching notes and composer biographies accompany the works, as well as a CD of the pieces performed by Gudrun Heyens and Wolfgang Kostujak.
Ideal for players and teachers looking to explore the repertoire for their instrument further, this collection provides pieces suitable for concerts, festivals and competitions. Suitable for students with 8 or more years playing experience (grades 7-8).

- Handel: Andante (from Sonata in D minor)
- Handel: A Tempo di Menuet (from Sonata in D minor)
- Valentine: Adagio (from Sonata in G minor)
- Valentine: Corrente (from Sonata in G minor)
- Valentine: Adagio (from Sonata in G minor)
- Valentine: Giga (from Sonata in G minor)
- Parcham: Solo
- Danican-Philidor: Le Tombeau (from Sixieme Ensemble de Pieces)
- Danican-Philidor: Air tendre (from Sixieme Ensemble de Pieces)
- Danican-Philidor: Le Badin (from Sixieme Ensemble de Pieces)
- Marcello: Ciaconna (from Sonata No.12 in F major)
- Graun: Adagio (from Sonata in C major)
- Graun: Allegro (from Sonata in C major)
- d'Hervelois: Muzette (from the Premiere Suite)
- d'Hervelois: Marche du Czar (from the Premiere Suite)
- Barsanti: Adagio (from Sonata in G minor)
- Barsanti: Allegro (from Sonata in G minor)- Gavotta: Adagio (from Sonata in G minor)
- Teleman: Air a L'Italien
- Wassenaer: Grave (from Sonata Prima in F major)
- Wassenaer: Allegro (from Sonata Prima in F major)
- J.S. Bach: Giga (from BWV 997)
- J.S. Bach: Double (from BWV 997)
Brand reference number:SCHED13325
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