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Automatic, fast, precise and always at your fingertips: the new E-Tuner Shadow!

Electric guitarists will no longer have to worry about forgetting or losing their tuner. You can finally tune your guitar for any occasion, at the touch of a button, just like any acoustic guitarist who has a tuner built into his preamp!

The benefits of the E-Tuner are obvious! A tuner at your fingertips, and most importantly, within reach of your eyes! The Shadow E-Tuner allows you to turn any dual mic into an amazing tool with built-in tuner. The E-tuner is simply housed in a microphone outline and does not affect the sound of your guitar. It simply replaces the original microphone outline of your guitar.

The installation is very simple and requires no modification of your guitar, which can be restored to its original state very easily, without his violin is altered.

The E-Tuner is available in 3 versions and 2 finishes.

For domed table guitars: ESH HB-T CT
For flat-bottomed guitars: ESH HB-T FT
For guitars with vibrato (flat table): ESH HB-T TR

Available in Black (B) or Cream (C)

Wherever you are, the Shadow E-Tuner is ready! On stage, backstage, in the studio, at home ... your electric guitars will finally be perfectly tuned in 2 steps, 3 movements.

The Shadow E-Tuner has a fast response time. It is precise and thanks to its chromatic operation, it allows you to agree whatever mode you choose!
Ultra precise: whatever the tuning
Easy to use: do not need to modify your guitar
An integral part of your guitar: can not be lost or forgotten
Transparent: Does not alter the sound of your guitar
Practice: Fits all electric guitars with a dual mic

Category: Surround and Mic Cover
Instrument: flat-table guitar

Quantity: 1
Color: cream
Brand reference number:ESH HB-T-FT-C
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