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A compact version of the PZ-DI, the SB-4 is an active live box optimized for operation with piezoelectric pickups, to connect bass, violin or cello to a mixer without compromising sound and frequency response.

A perfect companion for piezo instruments.
A compact version of the massive and very complete PZ-DI, the SB-4 has been specifically designed to preserve the natural sound of an acoustic instrument equipped with a piezoelectric pickup and amplified by a sound system. Unlike conventional live boxes, this small insect has a very high fixed impedance of 5 M? that will soften the sound deemed too aggressive piezo sensors, while providing a better frequency response. Its circuit also allows the transmission of the signal on at least 100 meters, without loss!

Simple and effective features.
Where the PZ-DI featured a variable low-cut filter and a low-pass 3 kHz, complemented by an impedance selector, the SB-4 features a lite version of this interface that eliminates unwanted feedback on the stage. While it has taken the low-cut filter of its sister-in a fixed version, it is also equipped with a 180 ° polarity inverter that reduces the acoustic problems related to the particular characteristics of a piece.

Robustness without concessions.
Designed to be worn everywhere by artists, the SB-4 offers excellent strength thanks to its thick metal frame and reinforced connectors. Very compact, it is powered via the phantom power of the console, which frees musicians need to find a power outlet.

The Radial StageBug SB-4 is a compact active direct box that has been optimized for use with piezoelectric sensors. This solution makes it possible to better amplify violins, dobos, mandolins, cellos, basses and other instruments equipped with piezo without compromising the sound or the frequency response.

The SB-4 has an input jack for instrumental sound. Unlike conventional DIs that have an input impedance of 1 meg ohms, the SB-4 has an input impedance of 10 mega ohms, which smooths out the annoying peaks that give piezos that bad reputation. the higher impedance also expands the frequency response for a more natural and pleasant sound. The active circuit performs the conversion from high to low impedance while symmetrizing the signal. This makes it possible to pass lossless signals over long distances while providing linearity and low distortion in the audio system.

To help eliminate 'feedback', the SB-4 is equipped with a high-pass filter that reduces resonances in the bass and a 180-degree polarity inverter that helps to narrow the areas of the scene - in changing the phase relationship between the facade and the acoustics of the room. An AUX connector offers the possibility of 'linker' to the amplifier in addition to the standard XLR output. The power comes from the 48V console, eliminating the need for external power. We simply plug once the 48V is engaged and we play!

These features, combined with its compact size, make the StageBug SB-4 the perfect companion for instrumentalists from all walks of life who want to express themselves fully and at a lower cost.

Category: direct box
Number of channels: 1
Lamps: no
Digital conversion: no
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
THD: <0.01%
Max input level (dBu): 4

Integrated preamp: no
Inputs: jack
Outputs: XLR, jack
Settings: high-pass filter, ground switch, phase inverter
Power supply: phantom power
Dimensions (mm): 114 x 47 x 34
Weight (kg): 250,00
Brand reference number:SRA SB-4-PIEZO
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