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With its classic Vox look, compact design and Valvetronix inherited modeling technology, it's the coolest portable amp of the moment. This pocket rocker includes the Bassilator circuit that delivers a breathtaking sound with breathtaking relief.

A mini amp with maximum potential.
With a power of 3 watts, the Vox Mini3 G2 CL is a very compact combo with a circuit called "Bassilator" which, as the name suggests, focuses on low frequencies and performance. Its 5-inch speaker obviously plays a big role in its restitution, rather incredible, low mids. All the more impressive when you consider its reduced dimensions.

Head well done, but also full.
The modeling technology of the Mini3 G2 comes from the Valvetronix Vox series. A pledge of quality that testifies his voluble personality. With no less than 11 models of amplifiers, the sound palette is incredible: we go from clean velvety to saturated hypergras sounds without flinching. The integrated effects are not left out: chorus, delay, compressor, reverb. A wide range of authentic sounds is the key word of this Vox with turbulent accents.

... and the smile of the creamer.
The Mini3 G2 CL offers a very relevant range of features; an Aux input, ideal for an MP3 player, a headphone output - both in 3.5mm minijack - and even a tuner. But that's not all ! It is powered either with batteries (for 10 hours of non-stop musical adventure) or by sector. Nothing scares him.

It's a Vox!
The look of the Mini3 G2 CL brings the Vox brand to the forefront with its diamond head fabric and historic black vinyl coating. This is the assurance of not going unnoticed.

Compact, the MINI3 has a power of three watts (3W)
that do justice to the unparalleled sonorities derived from
Valvetronix VOX series (VT15, VT30, VT50, VT100).
This nomadic amplifier works on six alkaline batteries
type "AA" or adapter (supplied elsewhere),
allowing you to play wherever you want. During
battery operation, you have autonomy
up to 10 hours.
In addition to four popular effects of exceptional quality,
the amplifier offers four delay effects and
reverb reproducing various types of acoustics.
The simple and accessible user interface allows you
to modify the sound with a single command.
The TAP button is used to synchronize the delay time
with the tempo.
The internal tuner lets you tune the connected guitar
at the INPUT jack.
The input section offers, among other things, an AUX socket
IN for an external audio source (CD player, MP3 etc.)
and a MIC IN jack that can accommodate a microphone.
So, you can have your music accompany you
favorite or sing while playing the guitar.
You can also adjust the starting level of the
MIC IN signal to DELAY / REVERB effects with the control
dedicated DLY / REV SEND.

- Master, Gain, and Tone controls.
- 11 types of amp
- 4 digital effects (comp, chorus, flanger, tremolo)
- Delay / independent reverb.
- Effects level and independent delay / reverb for microphone
- Tap tempo
- Noise reduction.
- 1 HP 5 "
- Built-in tuner.

Category: guitar combo
Technology: modeling
Power: 3
Diameter hp: 5 "
Number of channels: 11
Number of effects: 6
Reverb: yes
Midi interface: no
External baffle output: no
Headphone output: yes

Inputs: instrument jack
Outputs: headphones
Footswitch connection: no
Effects loop: no
Crankset included: no
Baffle: right
Enclosure: closed
Finish: Vox Classic
Dimensions (mm): 262 x 174 x 223
Weight (kg): 3.00
Brand reference number:MVO MINI3-G2-CL
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