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The Hughes & Kettner FSM-432 MK III footswitch is an evolution of the FSM-432 MK II, known via SwitchBlade and CoreBlade. The MK III version has been optimized for the Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 amp, but it also includes all MK II functions.. It can also be used with the Switch-Blade or the CoreBlade as well as with the Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 36.

Like its predecessor, the FSM-432 MK III has, in combination with the Hughes & Kettner amps mentioned above, phantom power via the 7-pin MIDI socket, allowing it to do without a separate power supply. If necessary, however, it can be connected to any commercial power supply, DC or AC, as long as it has a minimum current of 250mA for a voltage of between 9 and 15 volts.. This feature will be used when connecting via a 5-pin MIDI cable to any type of MIDI compatible device.

Exclusive for use with the GrandMeister 36:
the FSM-432 MK III control pedals offer a number of new features and connections on the technical side:
- Mode Selector: Preset / Stompbox
The slide switch located above the MIDI jacks on the back of the unit allows you to select the operating mode of the FSM-432 MK III, in this case Preset mode or Stompbox mode.
With the switch in the "Stompbox Mode" position, the indication "Sb" appears on the display. In this mode, the presets can not be recovered, the channels being selected directly by pressing the corresponding key. Modulation effects, Delay and Boost can be turned on or off independently of the channels. In Stompbox mode, the GrandMeister 36 can therefore be used as a "regular" amp with separate effect pedals.
In this configuration, the A, B, C and D keys are assigned, in a non-modifiable way, to the Clean, Crunch, Lead and Ultra functions.. When changing channels, GrandMeister 36 "automatically" notes the last parameter settings per channel for Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Resonance and Presence values, without these being saved separately.. This procedure is independent of recoverable sounds in Preset mode. Automatic saving of channel settings in Stompbox mode does not generate any Preset overwriting.

Tip: In Stompbox mode, you can also store the current sound setting in a preset. To do this, press the Store button for more than 2 seconds, which triggers the recording of the current sound values ??in the last Preset recalled in Preset mode.. If the current sound needs to be saved to a different memory location than the last preset you selected, simply switch to Preset mode via the slide switch, press the Store button once and briefly, and you will record your "Sb" on the Preset of your choice, Preset that you will normally select with Up / Down Bank keys and Preset A, B, C and D keys. For more information, see the Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 manual.

All Hughes & Kettner compatible amplifiers (SwitchBlade, CoreBlade, TubleMeister 36, GrandMeister 36) have 128 presets in 32 banks of 4 presets each. On the FSM-432, the presets are accessed via Preset A, B, C, and D, and the Bank Select buttons "Up" (Up arrow) and "Down" (Down arrow).

In the same bank of presets, the 4 keys A, B, C and D react directly to the control and proceed to the desired switching. The LEDs associated with each of the keys indicate the activated preset.

FSM-432 display shows the number of the selected bank at any time. To activate the preset of another bank, simply access the desired bank via the scroll keys (Up / Down). During this process, the selected preset remains active and can still be used. The preset bank number flashes on the display of the FSM-432 until you have selected a new preset via one of the Preset A, B, C, or D buttons.. Only then will you move to the desired preset.

Category: footswitch
Destination: H & K GrandMeister Deluxe 40 / GrandMeister 36
Number of tracks: 2

LED Indicators: 5
Dimensions (mm): 460 x 153 x 70
Weight (kg): 1.70
Brand reference number:MHK FSM432MKIII
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