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With more than a quarter of a century of experience in the design of studio speakers, Alesis offers the Elevate 3 MK2 with its most compact system, performing well in both monitoring mode and multimedia mode.

Compact size is not a sign of mini performance
The Elevate 3 MK2 offers two versatile voices with a 3 "speaker and a 1" high frequency diffuser with a silk dome. For a weight of 2.9 kg per pair, they enclose, in a very small cube of 12 x 16 x 19 cm, a total power of twice 10 watts RMS, and offer a response included over a frequency range between 80 and 20,000 Hz, a satisfactory range for most styles of music.
A wooden formwork for a better restitution ...
Made in a dense wood specially selected to give them the best possible sound definition, and equipped with a particularly effective magnetic shielding, the Elevate 3 MK2 are also equipped with a decompression event in the back which allows them an optimal restitution low frequencies. In this regard, they have a switch to enhance these frequencies, and a stereo / subminijack 3.5 mm output located on the rear panel of the speaker.
Proven ergonomics and a neat design ...
The input system of the Elevate 3 MK2 is completely arranged on the right speaker, which connects directly to the left by a simple interconnection cable, delivered with the system, just like the audio cable: practical! To connect, simply connect its source to two RCA plugs. These two inputs are controlled by a potentiometer located on the front of the monitor right, which allows to adjust the volume of the torque. In addition, Alesis had the good idea to place a headphone output on the facade of this same speaker: well done!

Multimedia Speakers 2 × 10 W Alesis has a long history in the field of monitor speakers. It is no longer necessary to present the Monitor One whether it is the active or passive model. Alesis, however, continues to innovate by completing its range with loudspeakers worthy of this reputation and totally innovative design.

With years of experience in the design and manufacture of studio speakers, ALESIS enriches its offer with the ELEVATE series, halfway between the multimedia speaker and the monitor, for the great pleasure of many users . This series has been designed and built using the award-winning technology of Monitor One and M1Active. - Amplified speakers 2 coaxial channels.

- Woofer: 3 inches polypropylene.

- Tweeter: 1 inch silk dome.

- Magnetic shielding

- Peak power: 60W

- Output power: 2 x 10W RMS,

- Bass Boost function (switch on the back)

- Frequency response: 80Hz-20KHz.

- RCA input.

- 3.5mm headphone output + 3.5mm SUB OUT output.

- LED indicator (on / off) + front volume adjustment button.

- Supplied with audio cable, interconnection cable, power cable and user manual.

Category: monitoring
Type: multimedia
Amplified: yes
Power: 20
Diameter hp: 3 "
Tweeter: 1 "
Frequency response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz
Mixer: no
Inputs: 2 x RCA
Outputs: stereo minijack headphones, sub minijack

Controls: bass boost, volume
Bluetooth: no
Pregnant structure: high density wood
Cutaway: no
Finish: black
Included accessories: Rca minijack 3.5 mm audio cable, 3.5 mm minijack interconnect cable
Quantity 2
Dimensions (mm): 127 x 163 x 190
Weight (kg): 2.90
Brand reference number:RAL ELEVATE3MK2
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