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The extrem agressiv distortion sound, in order to play metal, metal, and metal, may be metal also. His secret, a double distortion system adjusted with a gain amplifier. Thanks to the functions Bottom and Tone, basses are louder than ever.
Brand reference number:MD-2
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I own one for over 5 years now, and has never let me down! Solid metal build, endures heavy pounding (when you get carried away playing!). Possibility to be AC connected or powered by a 9v battery (tends to rapidly get exausted if jacks are left connected! Just unplug it all and you'll be fine). Great distortion sound, even with a cheap guitar and/or pickups and/or amp. And the Overdrive is killer! A lot of gain, without any loss of definition. The possibility to independently control bottom and tone allows a really wide array of sounds, from a Hendrix smooth distortion to a full-on metal onslaught! The only two (minor) flaws that can be pointed are the already pointed easily exausted battery (use a recheargeable 9v battery like myself!) and the fact that the battery connecting cord is too close to the pedal spring and clicker, which can be damaging to the cord if the pedal is closed uncarefully. But these are really minor flaws that shouldn't weight on your decision. Besides, its extremely compact and resistant, and, for the price, a definate must have for a begginer or pro alike! Highly recommended!
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