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Analogue connections for DJs, producers, musicians and all audio professionals!
The d+ Series speakers bring you the best quality, with a flat and colorful design, for all your sound systems, DJ hardware, audio interfaces, speakers, mixers, effects, synthetisers and any other audio material. Special attention has been paid to the manufacture of the series d+ braids, in order to obtain the best quality/performance ratio, in order to meet the expectations of today's musicians.
The driver of the d+ Class B series cable is in pure OFC 18 AWG (twice the diameter of the diame? tre).
standard ribbon, for a 5% reduction in resistance, compared to a conventional copper conductor. This guarantees an effective and smooth data transmission. The flat structure of the ribbon allows to reduce the signal degradation caused by the winding, the changes of impe? dance and the capacitive effect.
The housing is protected from external/internal noise and electromagnetic-magneto-electrical interferences by a combination of PVC sheathing, double shielding and twisted pair structure.

Structure: Flat (reverse concentric structure? e)
Conductor: OFC (Oxygen-free copper) high purity? 18AWG
Insulation: Polyole? fine polyolefin
Sheath: Flex PVC
Body: PBT + Fiberglass
Connectors: XLR male (Bronze Alloy Plate? 24K Gold, RCA)
Length: 1m
Brand reference number:OYD+BXLRMRCA1M
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