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Combining a modern digital effect engine, a traditionally musical analog Xone filter and unmatched effects routing capabilities, the Xone PX5 offers DJs an exceptional work platform.

At the crossroads of analog and digital.
The Xone PX5 brings together the best of analog and digital to bring soul and life to electronic music. This 4 + 1-channel console offers the ultimate in Xone analog consoles with that brand-specific hot sound and dynamics, and Xone DB digital consoles with state-of-the-art digital effects and a built-in sound card.

At the Xone PX5, you will connect.
Difficult to take this console to default on its connections in view of their wealth. With a line and vinyl input on each channel, a stereo effect send and return in jack format complemented by a stereo master insert, the PX5 offers any confirmed DJ a truly advanced signal routing capability. Let's not forget the USB 2.0 high-definition (24-bit, 96 kHz) internal sound card certified to work with the Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software, which allows the integration of the console in a digital DJ configuration thanks to its 20 channels. Clearly designed for the most demanding situations, it also has 2 main outputs (XLR and Rca) and a separate monitoring output.

Routing, filters and effects.
One of the great strengths of the PX5 lies in its advanced signal routing capabilities. Each channel has of course a selector to assign a source from the different inputs, and an assign selector crossfader. The other great strength of the PX5 lies in the clever combination of the famous analog VCF filter, a reference in terms of filter found on most Xone consoles, with a digital engine of last generation. The routing to this effect engine is very advanced because each channel has its own dedicated send control for external effects processing, and can be routed to the internal effect engine to apply a new processing.

There is no greater strength than mastering one's system.
What good is having such possibilities if it is impossible to exploit them for lack of adequate handling? Fortunately, with the PX5, you will never be confronted with this problem thanks to a terribly efficient interface. Designed for DJs, this console offers a very intuitive and effective handling thanks to an ergonomic and natural layout of the different functionalities. The professional quality interchangeable crossfader offers 3 different curve settings to suit all mixing styles, while faders have a 3-position curve selector to choose from adequate according to your style.
Whatever your mixing style, the Xone: PX5 offers a modern approach to DJing with all the tools you need to create your own sound. Its streamlined interface, its wide range of connections and its highly advanced personalization of controls make it an exceptional console for any confirmed DJ.

Combining the Xone Series' highly-rated analog hot sound with incredibly complete digital connectivity, the XONE PX5 brings a signature and unmatched feel to your music. Embarking on the new Xone: FX effects engine delivering a very high-resolution 24 bit / 48kHz digital signal, it offers the Xone: Xcite effects bank a thought for live performance, coupled with an intuitive interface. One goal: to let your creativity express itself freely.

Equipped with 4 line / phono channels and 1 XLR / TSR channel, the XONE PX5 is equipped with the legendary XONE filter, a 3 band equalizer per channel and a very intuitive configuration.
Many advanced configurations are possible thanks to the Send / Return connections, which allow the connection of external effects on the Send / Return and Master Insert inputs (in line level or high impedance). Each channel has its own Send control for processing external effects, which can be directed to the Xone: FX integrated effect engine.

Console integration into your DJ workflow is streamlined with the industry-standard, 20-bit, 24-bit / 96kHz, integrated USB sound card that provides a fast connection to a PC or Mac, and is compatible with XONE: K controllers via X: Link.

The crossfaders can be configured in 3 types of curves, suitable for scratching or blending, and are easily replaceable by the famous Innofader Pro 2 for an ultimate mixing experience.

Whatever your mixing style, the XONE PX5 combines a modern DJing approach with all the tools you need to create your own sound, your own style.

Technical characteristic:

- Analog mixer 4 + 1 channels
- 4 channels, with 3 input sources: Phono / Line / USB
- 1 microphone / Auxiliary channel: XLR and Jack inputs (L + R), with 3-band equalizer
- Xone integrated effect processor: FX Engine, Xone effects library: Xcite
- 1 standard Xone VCF filter with HPF (high pass), BPF (pass-band), LPF (low pass) and resonance control
- Dedicated Send / Return and Insert Master connections for external effects (Line / Hi-Z)
- Microphone channels / Aux input / back USB dedicated with clipping indicator
- 20-channel, 24bit / 96kHz USB 2 in-car sound card
- 3-band kill equalizer
- Xone MIDI Engine: Sync: Connecting External MIDI Instruments. The XONE-PX5 can also receive MIDI sync information via the USB port
- Bargraphs 12 segments 3 colors
- Professional Headroom 22dB
- VCA channel faders 60mm
- Balanced XLR Main Mix Output
- Independent booth output in 6.35mm jack format
- Record output (USB and RCA)
- VCA crossfaders curve selector: 3 configurations available
- X-fader curve selector: 3 configurations available
- 2 grounding terminals for turntables
- 3.5mm headphone and jack outputs, with Split Cue option
- X: LINK connection: direct recognition of the controllers of the Xone series: K
- Innofader II Pro compatible
- Weight: 5.2 kg
- Dimensions: 320 x 110 x 375 mm

Category: console club
Number of channels: 4
Number of faders: 4
Fader Course: 60
Motorized faders: no
Crossfader: VCA
Number of microphone preamps: 1
Built-in effects: no EQ: 3-band
Filters: Xone VCF
Line Inputs: 2 x balanced jack, 4 x RCA line
Mic Inputs: XLR
Inputs (other): stereo effects return 2 x jack, 4 x RCA phono, USB

Main Outputs: 2 x XLR, RCA
Outputs (others): 2 x RCA, stereo headphone jack, stereo minijack headphones, monitor 2 x balanced jack, RCA recording, stereo effects send 2 x jack, USB, Midi
Insert: yes
PFL / AFL mode: no
Scene memory recall: no
Software Controller: No
Bluetooth: no
Phantom power: no
Display: led and backlit display
Rackable: no
Dimensions (mm): 320 x 375 x 110
Weight (kg): 5.20
Brand reference number:XONE-PX5
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