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The latest addition to the DJ Xone family, the Xone 96 is the console of all superlatives with its battery of inputs, sends and returns effects and with its two sound cards USB 2.0 professional quality. A real standard in the making, like its little sister Xone 92, for current and future DJs.

In the footsteps of a myth.
The Xone 96 is the result of a long reflection on the part of Allen & Heath around the development of a new club console, from this true standard that represents the Xone 92, revered by many DJs. The challenge was up to the expectations of DJs around the world, who were not disappointed: heir to the Xone 92, the Xone 96 features an impressive array of features that allow it to fit into the configurations with confidence present and future of the most prominent DJs on the planet.

A familiar interface upgrade.
Thanks to this legacy of the Xone 92, known for its ergonomics, the Xone 96 keeps a familiar format that will not confuse the users of his little sister. At first glance we find the stereo line / phono channels and line / XLR channels, the 4-band EQ and the two multimode VCF filters that made the Xone-92 famous, as well as the two Master level. The Xone 96 has however been equipped with a new parametric 3-band EQ on channels A and B, two new auxiliary channels to simply insert effects, a new Crunch effect (harmonic distortion) on each VCF filter and a Booth circuit with 3-band equalization.

An impressive battery of analog connections ...
The Xone 96 is designed for DJs who want to connect all their equipment without compromising. In addition to the stereo channel line and RCA inputs, this high-level console features two stereo effects sends and four stereo returns to connect all of your favorite effects.. Allen & Heath thought while integrating a master insert for the insertion of a limiter or a compressor just before the departure LR, for a total control of your sound. And to satisfy the most demanding, the Xone 96 includes a dual circuit pre-listening headphones, allowing two DJs to mix simultaneously.

... and a state-of-the-art digital interface.
Whether you want to record your tracks in the studio or make live sequences using your laptop, the Xone 96 will accompany you in the digital age with its two built-in sound cards in professional quality (32-bit to 96 kHz ), capable of managing up to 24 inputs each (6 stereo inputs / outputs). Directly compatible with Macs, it is Traktor Scratch Pro 2 certified and accepts DVS controls from the brand. On the control side, the console is capable of transmitting and receiving Midi information via the two USB ports or via the dedicated DIN port, and communicating with a Xone-K controller via the X: Link port.
As you can see, this Xone 96 is a state-of-the-art DJ mixer that combines the enormous analog sound and exceptional ergonomics of the Xone 92 while delivering unparalleled digital connectivity.

The Xone 96 is an uncompromising analog DJ mixer that incorporates the rich heritage of Allen & Heath's best analog consoles, with familiar and intuitive ergonomics and state-of-the-art digital connectivity.

Based on Xone 92 universally recognized, the Xone 96 offers as its eldest a precise and refined 4-band equalizer, as well as an unparalleled double Xone VCF filter, embellished with a harmonic crunch distortion. To top it off, the Xone 96 comes with a dual 32-bit USB sound card, capable of transmitting 24 channels at 96 kHz, all certified Traktor Scratch.

Its generous interface, consisting of 2 dedicated effects sends, 4 stereo inputs with 4-band equalization, 2 stereo channels with a new 3-band EQ and 2 stereo aux returns, will give you the opportunity to connect your complete set, from Notebook PC with turntables, effects pedals, synths and drum machines. And if that's not enough, the Xone 96 also offers a dedicated master insert for your external devices.

With the Xone 96, everything you expect from a high-end analog console is there, at your fingertips: a huge, detailed and vibrant analog sound that Allen & Heath alone has the secret.


6 + 2

Channels 1 to 4: 4-bands
Channels A and B: parametric 3-band

Sound cards
Double 24 channels (12 inputs / 12 outputs)
USB 2.0 High Speed, Mac compliant
24 bits / 96 kHz

Line: 4 Rca (channels 1 to 4), 4 mono / stereo TRS jack (channels A to D)
Phono: 4 Rca (channels 1 to 4), LN / PH selector for DVS control
Mic: 2 XLR
USB: 6 (channels 1 to 4 + channels A and B)

Master 1: 1 XLR
Master 2: 1 TRS jack (symmetrical)
Booth: 1 TRS jack (symmetrical)
MIDI: 1 DIN 5 pins
Master Insert: 1 TRS jack (symmetrical)

Shipping / Returns
2 shipments, TRS jack
4 returns, TRS jack
1 line / high impedance selector (Send 1 / Return A)

2 VCF filters
High Pass Filter (HPF), Band Pass Filter (BPF), Low Pass Filter (LPF)
Adjustable frequency and resonance
Assignable to channels 1 to 4 + A and B
CRUNCH effect (controlled harmonic distortion of the signal)

External connections
X-Link: 1 RJ45 for connection with Xone-K controllers

2 jacks
2 minijack sockets
Split Cue Monitoring (2 independent listening circuits)

Faders and channels
VCA 60 mm interchangeable
Selector 3 types of fader curves
Bargraph 9 segments

InnoFADER Mini VCA 45 mm interchangeable
Selector 3 types of crossfader curves

Further information
Headroom: 20 dB
Grounding terminals: 2
Electrical outlet: IEC 3 points

Weight and dimensions
410 x 336 x 109 mm
7 kg

Category: console club
Number of channels: 8
Number of faders: 6
Fader Course: 60
Motorized faders: no
Crossfader: Innofader mini VCA
Number of auxiliary departures: 2
Number of microphone preamps: 2
Integrated effects: no
EQ: 4-band on channels 1 to 4, 3-band parametric on channels A and B
Filters: 2 VCF filters with frequency and resonance control, high pass filter, low pass and bandpass + crunch distortion
Line Inputs: 4 x Rca
Mic Inputs: 2 x XLR
Inputs (other): 2 x stereo effects returns (mono jack), 2 x stereo effects returns (TRS jack), RJ45 (X: Link), 2 x USB, 4 x RCA phono
Main Outputs: 2 x XLR, 2 x jack

Outputs (others): 2 headphone circuits with jack and minijack outputs, 2 x stereo effects (TRS jack), 2 x USB, 2 x RCA, RCA recording, Midi
Insert: yes
Number of auxiliary returns: 4
PFL / AFL mode: no
Scene memory recall: no
Recording: Rca, USB
Software controller: yes
Bluetooth: no
Phantom power: no
Display: vumeter
Rackable: yes
Rack unit: 2
Dimensions (mm): 336 x 410 x 109
Weight (kg): 7.00
Brand reference number:DAH XONE-96
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