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Beatbuddy are very complete drum machines in the format of a guitar effect pedal, offering a wide choice of drum kits and song styles to accompany musicians from all walks of life. Developed by Singular Sound, they come in two models: BeatBuddy which offers exceptional sound and very advanced settings, and its alter-ego BeatBuddy Mini which concentrates the essential features of the BeatBuddy in a compact and ready-to-use format. employment. These singular pedals use MIDI files to execute compositions loaded into their memory, from a bank of sounds from recording professional drummers.

Very versatile, the BeatBuddy address both singers, guitarists, bassists or keyboardists, who wish to benefit from a realistic and scalable rhythmic support. These drum machines are also very effective for drummers who would like to rely on a sound metronome much more enjoyable than market standards.

Offering exclusive and new features, they have been specially designed for a quick start like most guitar pedals, and can connect directly between a guitar and an amplifier. Simply pressing the pedal will start or stop a song, insert a break or start a transition between two parts of a song. This unique feature offers musicians a complete mastery of the rhythm of the piece. Thanks to the proprietary algorithm developed for Beatbuddy, the rhythm is preserved in all circumstances, while maintaining fluid and natural sequences. The LCD screen displays essential information and acts as a visual and easy-to-read metronome.

For users wanting to create new drum kits with their own sounds and insert new beats, the Beatbuddy offers advanced programming features via the Beatbuddy Manager software. Add or remove parts to songs or breaks, program the accent that will mark the rhythm of a cymbal or a clap of hands then becomes possible in a few clicks!

Upgraded and updated version of the Beatbuddy Mini, the Beatbuddy Mini 2 takes the elements that made the success of his sister-in-law, while decorating itself with a most welcome update. Indeed, this new unusual box now offers the same content as its standard Big BeatBuddy, with more than 200 rhythmic signatures and 9 drum kits spread over 24 different music styles. With its simple interface and non-editable content, the Beatbuddy Mini 2 is the ideal solution for singers / guitarists, guitarists, bassists or even drummers looking for a reliable and complete accompaniment solution. To top it off, the BeatBuddy Mini 2 has been equipped with a new switch, wider and therefore easier to trigger, and a new rotary knob.

- 9 battery kits
- 24 fully editable music styles
- LCD Monochrome Visual Metronome
- High quality 16-bit / 44.1 kHz stereo sound from professional drummer recordings
- Use of unquantified data for a human touch
- Button Volume and button common to the functions Genre, Song and Tempo
- 1 jack input
- 1 jack output
- Footswitch input (footswitch optional)
- New foot switch, more ergonomic
- Usable with all sound systems and headphones
- Dimensions of the pedal: 111 x 58 x 33 mm
Brand reference number:MSG BEATBUDDY-MINI2
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