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Complete measure-for-measure piano transcriptions of the best-known Strauss waltzes, and many favorite polkas, galops, quadrilles, and polka-mazurkas, reprinted from authoritative G. Schirmer editions. Includes On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Emperor Waltz, highlights from Die Fledermaus, Pizzicato-Polka, One Heart, One Mind polka-mazurka, 23 more.

"An der schönen blauen Donau (On the Beautiful Blue Danube), Op. 314"
"Cagliostro-Walzer (Cagliostro Waltzes), Op. 370 [from Cagliostro]"
"Du und du (You and You), Op. 367 [from Fledermaus]"
"Donauweibchen (Danube Mermaid), Op. 427 [from Simplicius]"
"Freut Euch des Lebens (Enjoy Life), Op. 340"
"Frühlingsstimmen (Voices of Spring), op. 410"
"Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald (Tales from the Vienna Woods), Op. 325"
"Kaiserwalzer (Emperor Waltz), Op. 437"
"Künstlerleben (Artist's Life), Op. 316"
"Neu-Wien (New Vienna), Op. 342"
"Kuss-Walzer (Kiss Waltz), Op. 400 [from Krieg]"
"Morgenblätter (Morning Journals), Op. 279"
"O schöner Mai! (O Beautiful May!), Op. 375 [from Methusalem]"
"Rosen aus dem Süden (Roses from the South), Op. 388 [from Spitzentuch]"
"Tausend und eine Nacht (A Thousand and One Nights), Op. 346 [from Indigo]"
"Wein, Weib und Gesang (Wine, Woman and Song), Op. 333"
"Wiener blut (Viennese Blood), Op. 354"
"Auf freiem Fusse (At Large), Op. 345 [from Indigo]"
Pizzicato-Polka [written with Josef Strauss]
" 'S gibt nur a Kaiserstadt, 's gibt nur a Wien!" ("There's Only One Imperial City, There's Only One Vienna!"), Op. 291"
"Wildfeuer (Wildfire), Op. 313"
"Aus der Heimath (From Home), Op. 347 [from Indigo]"
"Ein Herz , ein Sinn (One Heart, One Mind), Op. 323"
"Lob der Frauen (Praise of Women), Op. 315"
"Die Bajadre (The Bayadere), Op. 351 [from Indigo]"
"Leichtes Blut (Light Character), Op. 319"
"Fledermaus-Quadrille, Op. 363 [from Fledermaus]"
"Methusalem-Quadrille, Op. 376 [from Methusalem]"
"Indigo-Quadrille, Op. 344 [from Indigo]"
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