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Un des livres indispensables a tous les pianistes voulant explorer des répertoires
variés dans différents styles.
Pour votre confort reliure spirale.
Format moyen pour toujours l'avoir avec vous.

Titres :

Adagio For Strings (Platoon)
All Love Can Be (A Beautiful Mind)
Angela Undress (American Beauty)
Any Other Name (American Beauty)
Balcony Scene (Romeo + Juliet [1996])
Cache-Cache (Intouchables)
End Credits (Between Strangers)
End Credits (Catch Me If You Can)
End Credits (Munich)
Evan And God (Evan Almighty)
Eva's Theme (Freedom Writers)
Feather Theme (Forrest Gump)
Frank Lucas (American Gangster)
Funeral (The Constant Gardener)
George Smiley (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)
Glasgow Love Theme (Love Actually)
Hatikvah ("The Hope") (Munich)
Honor Him (Gladiator)
Hymn To The Fallen (Saving Private Ryan)
It's A Life (The Truman Show)
Justin's Breakdown (The Constant Gardener)
Kothbiro (The Constant Gardener)
Le Moulin (Amelie)
L'Origine Nascosta (Intouchables)
Love Theme (Elizabeth: The Golden Age)
Maestro (The Holiday)
Nocturne in C-sharp minor (The Pianist)
Prelude/Main Theme (The Belles Of St Trinian's)
Prologue (In Bruges)
Promise Me (First Knight)
Ray At The Mirror (In Bruges)
Reprise (Catch Me If You Can)
Reprise (Spirited Away)
Ritornare (This Is England)
Suite (Romeo And Juliet [1968])
The Artifact And Living (Donnie Darko)
The Departure (Gattaca)
The Eternal Vow (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
The Heart Asks Pleasure First (The Piano)
Theme (Atonement)
Theme (Breakfast At Tiffany's)
Theme (Brokeback Mountain)
Theme (Ghost)
Theme (Ratatouille)
Theme (Road To Perdition)
Theme (Schindler's List)
Theme (Somewhere In Time)
Theme (The English Patient)
Theme (The Great Escape)
Theme (The Pink Panther)
Underwater (Big Fish)
Walking Bruges (In Bruges)
We Are Now Free (Gladiator)
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