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Buy multiple copies of your ernie ball 2831 POWER SLINKY 55 75 90 110 (4 STRING) and take advantage of decreasing prices.
ERNIE BALL 2831 POWER SLINKY 55 75 90 110 (4 STRING)
ernie ball
2831 POWER SLINKY 55 75 90 110 (4 STRING)


Like many international artists, you can rely on the Slinky range, and discover strings with a brilliant, balanced sound that enjoy an irreproachable quality of manufacture.

An internationally recognized quality of manufacture.
The Slinky Ernie Ball line combines spun strings with brilliant and balanced sound. Each rope is made in the Coachella Valley (California), with premium materials and exemplary quality requirements. Try the Slinky strings and you'll understand why this bestseller is used by the biggest ambassadors of the world of bass guitar.

Power Slinky Caliber 55 75 90 110 For a bassist looking for a stronger draw than the 45-105 or to play mid-tone tuning (1 semitone below normal) while maintaining optimal tension.

Made from nickel plated steel wrapped around a specially tempered hexagonal steel wire core, these strings generate a warm, rich and precise sound. The most sold of our bass strings!

No longer present Ernie Ball, the most popular string brand! Innovation and originality are de rigueur for these strings whose fame is well established. Tested and approved by thousands of musicians! Ropes sound massive and accurate, they are recognized as equal to their little sisters for guitar. The US sound as we like it!

Category: 4-string bass
Number of ropes: 4
Voltage: power

Material: nickel plated steel
Pulling: 55-75-90-110
Brand reference number:CEB 2831
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