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Instrument : flute
Type : edition with CD
Nombre de Pages : 30

The interest in China has been great even before the country was selected to host the Olympic Games 2008. For years, Chinese music has become more and more popular, especially China's charming and varied folk music. With 'Melodies of China', Schott now presents collections of Chinese folk songs for various instruments. The songs in every volume have been arranged for the respective instruments by a Chinese expert arranger. The accompanying CD helps you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of Chinese music and offers you the possibility to play along with the recordings.

Content :
Autumn Harvest (Folk Music from Shaanxi Province) - Go to West Pass (Folk Music from Shaanxi Province) - Jasmine (Folk Music from Jiangsu Province) - Embroider the Pillow Case (Folk Music from Shanxi Provine, music by Bing He) - Embroidering a Silk Banner with Words of Gold (Folk Music from Shaanxi Province) - Green Water and Blue Sky (Music by Ma Ke, selected from Opera "Marriage of Xiao Erhei") - See a Lovely Yangge in Spring Festival (Folk Music from Shanxi Province) - Fly a Kite (Folk from Hebei Province) - See a Babbling Brook (Folk Music from Yunnan Province) - Little Cabbage (Folk Music from Hebei Province) - Pock a Colourful Fan (Folk Music from Sichuan Province) - A Song o Praise (Folk Music from Mongolian Minority, music by Hu Songhua) - Send Their Fragrance All around (Folk Music from Zhuang Minority, music by Mai Ding) - Morningstar Lily Bloom with Brilliant Red Colour (Folk Music from Tajik Minority, music by Lei Zhenbang) - Malan Folk Song (Folk Music from Gaoshan Minority) - Kangding Love Song (Folk Music from Sichuan Province) - Beautiful Hometown (Folk Music from Gaoshan Minority)
Brand reference number:ED20417
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