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The iClock is a synchronizable, high-precision clock synthesizer which is designed to be the reference in digital audio and video studios as well as broadcast stations. Based on a totally new concept of frequency generation, developed by MUTEC, the unit offers an unchallanged flexibility for synchronization of different devices to one house clock. On this occasion iClock breaks traditional and unflexible forms of chaining input and output signals and allows for the first time their completely free combination and scalability.

- Synchronizable reference clock synthesizer for PAL/NTSC video, Word Clock, AES11 and S/P-DIF syncs
- High-accurate and lowest-jitter clock base with < 0.1ppm accuracy (when shipped)
- Redundant (fail-safe) clock supply in all operation modes
- DDS-based jitter elimination of incoming reference signals
- Synchronization and generation of 36 different Word Clocks rates
- DSD64, DSD128 + DXD clock rates standardly supported
- Synchronization and generation of all AES3/11 and S/P-DIF clock rates up to 192.0 kHz
- Generation of different pilot tones
- No limitation of input assignment at the universal inputs
- SoftReLock functionality for recurring reference signals
- CYCLESYNC functionality for automatic re-synchronization between different references
- Generation of multiple clock rates at the same time
- Drop out compensation of incoming reference signals
- Totally free scalability of all output clock signals
- Automatically working signal management aligned to AES11 and EBU R83
- Digital varispeed up to ±20% availabel during internal and external synchronization
- Supports all US and European pull up/pull down rates for film, audio and video transfers
- Follows external references up to ±20 % (reducible)
- Eeasy and convenient operation through large display
- Soft and hardware upgradeability and recalibratability
- Front panel lock-out for preventing misuse
- Built-in, internationally useable power supply
Referencia marca:ICLOCKDP
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