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The Austrian clarinettist and composer Alfred Uhl (1909-92), born and trained in Vienna, has gained an international reputation for his film music scores, orchestral and chamber music works. His works move in a tonal framework, combining a differentiated rhythm and catchy melody. Thus, Uhl developed his own personal humorous style which he also realized in his studies. His study cycle is a standard work of teaching literature for clarinet. Almost every aspect of clarinet playing technique is covered in Uhl's study work. Apart from the technical educational goal, the musical content gets its fair share too: each study work is a little character piece which helps the clarinettist to effectively express his musical imagination independently of technical obstacles. A new edition in one volume with practising tips by Prof. Reiner Wehle.

- Intensive legato
- Light, relaxed legato
- Strong staccato with full tone
- Light, unforced staccato
- Tonguing stamina
- Moving between 1st and 2nd register
- Tonal evenness of notes with short air column
- Fingering od notes with short air column
- Wide intervals
- Reaction/Variations in dynamics
- Differentiation in articulation
- Reading skills/Sharps and flats/Double sharps and flats
- Interpreation
- Triad patterns/extended triad patterns
- Chromatic passages
- Dotted rhythms
- Syncopation
- Uneven rhythms
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